Basic Reboot Complete - Celebrations!




:fire::fire:90 Days Hard Mode:fire::fire:
Basic Reboot complete :sunglasses:
Next phase begins
#New Year, New Life


Thank you peeps!! Everyone can do it.


Great stuff! Very encouraging!

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:christmas_tree: MERRY CHRISTMAS :christmas_tree:
Today is my father’s birthday also. :smiley:

:fire::fire: 96 DAYS HARD MODE :fire::fire:


Are the benefits real?

Do you get lust ?
Like seeing hot women in public. Watching ass & boob pics ?

Yes, the benefits are very much real. There were flat-lines, but I kept going. Personally, I have experienced the following:
:muscle: More confidence
:muscle: More energy
:muscle: Spiritual progress
:muscle: No social anxiety
:muscle: More respect for and from girls
:muscle: Ability to influence others
:muscle: Better in academics
:muscle: More attention from girls and boys
:muscle: Steel erections
:muscle: Erection length and girth increased
:muscle: Better posture
:muscle: More respect from others
:muscle: Clearer mind
:muscle: Easier to take decisions
:muscle: More determination
:muscle: Better dream recollection
:muscle: Reduced rage
:muscle: Less irritability
:muscle: Easier to get up in the morning
:muscle: Easier to exercise
:muscle: Better memory
:muscle: Better stamina in everything
:muscle: Better agility
:muscle: Much lesser stress
:muscle: Easier to defeat urges
:muscle: Improved musculature
:muscle: More creativity
:muscle: Easier to forgive others
:muscle: Better intuition
:muscle: Better IQ and EQ
:muscle: More alive
:muscle: Taste of food is enjoyed better
:muscle: More discipline
:muscle: People give compliments
:muscle: Better at making connections
:muscle: More wisdom in various subjects
:muscle: More tolerant
:muscle: Better at writing journals
:muscle: Past memories became clearer
:muscle: Genuine belly laugh
:muscle: No cravings for bad food
:muscle: More awareness in general
:muscle: Better looking skin
:muscle: Better jawline
:muscle: Body heals faster from wounds
:muscle: Frequent and sudden outbursts of bliss for no reason
:muscle: Not affected by what people think about me
:muscle: More humility
:muscle: Lust reduced
:muscle: Easier to pronounce Sanskrit and English
:muscle: Easier to avoid unnecessary fights
:muscle: Increased interest in cooking
:muscle: Very strong metabolism
:muscle: Beautiful circadian rhythm
:muscle: Zero fucks given to fools
:muscle: Nightfalls reduced a bit
:muscle: No problem in interacting with girls
:muscle: Better relation with parents and brothers
:muscle: Better immune system
:muscle: High testosterone

PS: I am updating this list periodically.


I can confidently talk to girls without feeling lust. I know this because I had to talk to them sometimes for academic reasons. But, as per my own rule I knowingly avoid looking at and talking to girls because you know that my goal is 1000 and I do not want to take risks. If I notice girls by mistake, I do not get lust (negligible) but I still do pushups. After all, it is training of mind and cleansing of mind only. I leave no trace of triggers to accumulate. Negligible lust is there, that is why I am on Earth. But again, it is very low now. If it is necessary, I am always ready to face girls. :sunglasses:



Can you explain … what is a flatline ?

It is the same thing which is in the nofap terminology. It can be googled. Basically, one feels like shit during flatline.

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On which days you felt like shit ? Does it last for many days ?

Somewhere around 15, 45, 65. It can last for more than two days. I didn’t notice flatlines carefully. I just kept going on.

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Are flatlines gone now ?

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Yes, now it is normal.


Don’t Diddle December Successful!

Happy New Year!

:star2:Day 103:star2:


Day 108

This number represents completeness. :grin:


Day 111
My birthday


Happy Birthday friend.


Reboot 2.0 in progress :v:

30 days; no nightfall :smile:


Had my first nightfall on 102 nd day… That means I have already achieved reboot 2.0 :joy::blush:.
So in this case I m senior than u. :joy::joy: