Bashi's motivational diary

Day 56
Next time you see a women at the train station, at the store or on your way to work and your eyes wander to her breasts or her ass, follow these rules to break the habit of objectifying:

1) Don’t look for longer than two seconds.
Or less if you can, of course.

2) Don’t look twice.
You won’t get anything out of looking again.

3) Use the trigger to personify and see what you are not seeing.
Remind yourself that the person you are looking at is someone’s daughter or someone’s mother.

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Day 58
If you really want to quit, then do this like your life depends on it - because it does.


Day 60
If you’re having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn’t you, the problem is your system.
How do you improve your system? Set up a recovery plan, connect with your accountability partner and work on healthy habits!


Day 62
When abstaining, sexual lust and a drive to procreate will build up within you. Remember that when masturbating to porn, you’ve been tricking your brain to think that you’ve had sex with all these different women. From a biological perspective, you’d be doing a good job. Your brain will crave more of that.

So take that energy and put it into healthy habits: go out with people, play music, workout and meditate. Master yourself and use that energy for something useful!


Day 64
In this very moment, I’m thinking of how great I’m feeling at only 64 days and also how much better I could be feeling if porn wasn’t a part of my life to begin with. In my journey, I’ve experienced times where I missed or craved porn really badly… what a joke, really.

It’s a joke because porn is a product made out of perversity in an industry run by perverts like Hugh Hefner. For whatever reason, people like him are called “stars” and grieved upon their deaths when in reality they are victims of their own uncontrollable perversity. Instead of looking for a healthy way to fix their broken lives, they use their power and position to push men and women so those people give up their dignity, risk their health and ruin their own mental state just to have a bunch of consumers watch porn, jerk off and ruin their lives also. It’s obvious why many “porn stars” commit suicide once the drugs can’t numb the emptiness anymore.

Those people aren’t “stars” either, it’s all fucking abuse. Don’t ever think that anyone could possibly do that kind of stuff willingly. Yes, maybe they have given their “consent”, signed contracts and stuff but look at their environment. Maybe they needed the money badly, maybe they want to find affirmation from other people, because deep inside, they feel the emptiness and brokenness of shitty relationships with others - and those fuckers running the industry make use of that. They abuse them, just to make money by putting those videos out there. Fuck the porn industry, really.

All of us here are breaking that cycle, one day at a time. Your actions count. Every minute you don’t spend watching that trash, is a minute better spent for yourself, towards more compassion and emotional freedom.

Take care.