Bashi's motivational diary

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Current streak - 26 days
Highest streak - 150 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - Switzerland

What you’ll find in this diary
I sometimes find myself in situations where I’m having an urge and somehow all my determination and will to keep on going with NoFap fades away. Then eventually the urge would be to strong, I’d start to peek and I’d relapse. I’ve experienced this on streaks of 30, 90 or even 150 days.
In my current streak I’m mostly focusing on eliminating urges when they appear in my thoughts and building my willpower and motivation, besides focusing on the other tools of accountability I’m using. Hence this motivational diary will be a reminder for myself and perhaps other fellow NoFappers can find some motivation in this too.


Day 26
Sometimes the pretty obvious motivates me: You will never be able to count your streak in years if you can’t even make it through today.


Day 27
Recovery is not a ladder where you go up and fall back to zero after a fallback. It’s a road where you walk the right path and sometimes go a few steps back. Yet, you don’t want to get off your path!


Day 28
Sometimes when we get into a new streak, we wonder if this will be our final streak. If we want to quit porn for the rest of our time, then picturing ourselves in that position helps: Picture yourself with a streak of 999 days. What does that version of you do throughout the day? Most likely that version of you takes care of himself, helps brothers in NoFap and he resists all urges at all cost. More importantly though, he doesn’t even let those thoughts get the best of him, looking at porn is just not an option. Be that version of yourself today.


Day 29
The more I abstain, the better my relationships get. It’s about being honest with others, being in the moment and being genuine. It’s that confidence that isn’t arrogant but honest and open. So I want to remind myself: The way to your true self becomes more clear with each day you say no to porn and isolation but yes to healthy habits and connections.


Day 30
Start your day intentionally. Whether it’s by taking a cold shower or knowing exactly what to do once you put your foot off the bed. Use your time wisely, you’ll never get it back.


Day 32
We must trust the process. We all have phases where abstaining is easier but likewise there are phases where abstaining is difficult. It’s important to know that both phases are part of the process and just like it got more difficult from one day to another, it will also get easier. So: Trust the process and commit to being free.


Day 34
I’m sure you’ve heard of “focus on building the new instead of fighting the old”. It really boils down to this, eventually. If you are trying to abstain by just fighting the urges, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are on “idle” mode, maybe sitting in front of the computer, not really doing anything productive. In the end the urge is too strong and you relapse. I’ve been there a couple of times. So instead focus on doing healthy habits, have fun with other people, be social, build connections and move on. Going back to porn to seek “comfort” shouldn’t be an option anymore. Choose freedom.


Day 35
Under the influence of porn behaviors, guilt, shame and isolation, our minds are crippled. I’ve experienced that once I’ve build a decent streak, my mind becomes more creative. I have more ideas. I remember my dreams when waking up more often. Without abstaining, I have less of that if not even nothing at all. So do yourself a favor and free your mind by making the right decisions today.

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