Badges, trying to get more

I like the badges feature of Rewire. I am trying to get all of them through honest effort (for example, not giving likes just for the badge) and it has been fun. There are a few I have questions on. Any advice?

Or, if this information is already available somewhere, where can I find it?
Thank you!


One I have been trying to figure out is “Licensed”. What is the advanced user tutorial and how can I access it?

“Wiki editor” what is the wiki, and how do I access it?

“Promoter” invite a user.
What do I invite a user to and how?

“Good share” share a post with 300 users.
What does share mean?

Same question- Answer available here :point_down:

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You can mention your post by using the post link :link: address;
I think I am right as far as I know.

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You can invite people by using @_theirname

Wiki editor even I don’t know. And haven’t tried before.