Bad relationship

i have a girlfriend that i really can’t understand her behavior, she’s constantly mad at me, sometimes asking for break up, i don’t want to break up, because i’m not sure she’s being serious or just “testing”

this behavior give me constant streess resulting me fapping, and now i have more stress, i fap to at the point where i can actually control when i want to release and i can just release with a shitty fap material

does someone have a similiar experience, how to handle it?

Did you let her know that the lack of safety in your relationship is causing you to be very stressed?

yes, and she’s even more mad after i tell her

That is not good if she is unwilling to empathise with you. Have you told her about your addiction?

yes i did tell her about it

And did you mention that this problem in particular is getting much worse because of that stress?

no, not yet, do you think i should tell her?

in this current situation does she always let u down and u r always disappointed(stressed) or u sometimes share good times?

Well it sounds like she has trouble listening to you empathically. That is something you have to be able to get through in order for you to be happy in your relationship. You need to let her know that you care about her and that by telling her what makes you stressed out in the relationship you are merely trying to make things work better because the stress you’re under is making it hard to manage your own personal health.

It is important that you be as sincere as possible when you bring it up and to emphasise that you are saying it because you care about her and your relationship and where it will be in the future. Otherwise she could think you are trying to annoy her or make problems for her.


Hi @hafidz, i agree with @petrassib that communication is key in relationships.
Relationships should not be a source of stress in life! It is a tool to deal with life’s stresses.
It sounds very bad that she is threatening with breakup. What is her reason for doing it? Maybe give her a taste of her own medicine and do break up for some time?
Something along the lines of “I don’t accept you using these threats. I care about our relationship very much, but if you use this again, I will break up with you, and you will be the reason”
Make it clear to her that you are not for granted.
It sounds very unfair that she does this, and maybe she is not appreciating you enough. A relationship should not be one-sided.

In a relationship, when you two are fighting, you both need to remember that it’s you two vs the problem and not you vs them

Please keep in mind that I don’t know your relationship and what I write may not apply to you. I’m giving you food for thought.
Hope this helps! Best of luck!


I would leave her, to be honest. Even though you love her, you deserve someone better. Don’t waste time. Find someone that accepts you the way you are and you will be happy.


Go out from that, my friend.

I don’t have any advice for you. If this would happen to me i will simply leave her. Why? Because if she will stay her behavior will not be the same. After break up if you convince her to get back in your life that would never be same. And at last she will always blame you for everything. I don’t know about that girl but maybe there is a chance that after sometime she will finally say that her life would be better if you were not in her life if she stay after all this.
You will be in stress for sometime or maybe you will feel to suicide after break up. But one day everything will healed and you will say that was the best decision.
If by chance I would be in this type of situation I will let her go because I don’t want that sympathetic eyes.

Mirror her behavior back so she knows how It feels and then leave her.Focus on self-improvement until you attract someone better.

I have my experience. And this will definitely work for you as well because it worked for me everytime.
If you really want to save the relationship, then stop fapping and edging. You will slowly start to see the change in your girlfriend’s behaviour and she will start to fall more and more in love with you. Fights will end for sure. I swear to god if you did this, it will DEFINITELY work. Just trust me and do it.
Things normally start to change with a streak of 20+ days. All the best and just let me know if it worked because I can gurantee you it will work. God bless you.