Back to school attraction?

When I go back to school I will be on day 26…im currently on day 0,i read stories about female attractions starting mostly around the 2-3 week mark, and I want to know what do girls sense in just that 3 week span that makes them go after you??

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Yeah it does, when I will be at school again, I will be at 35 days.
I can see every other guys who jerk off daily are weak (body language, mindset…), do nothing of their life except TV internet social media… etc
I don’t judge i used to be was one of them, maybe worse, if I was like them I would thought 'm okay and wouldnt bother improving mysef
If you’re on nofap since several weeks, you very likely have your shit together unlike 99% of guys so de facto you’re skyrocketing to the best grade men available for women, thus they will crave you so bad and you will experience abundance


There’s a lot of factors involved in this.Being more energetic is a health indicator which indicates genetic fitness.The building up of sexual thirst without the easy outlet causes your behavior to change in a desperate struggle to get it the hard way. I believe that during strict abstinence there is a spike in testosterone levels every ~7 days which causes you to smell different to women.I call it male heat.Notice how there are more relapses around days 7,14,21,28 etc.

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So every week your testerone increase by a certain percent?? Like 7 days to 14 days and beyond?

It peaks then returns to normal.

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