Back after 4 yrs

Hi everyone, I’m a long time lurker on here. Basically I had this fap thing well beaten for 4 years but after some bad health made the stupid decision to get back to it in feb. Since then I’ve only been watching porn maybe once a week and a few times only once a month but the urges are getting stronger and I’m struggling to not watch it right now on my day off work. It’s also slowly affecting my relationship.
There’s quite a story behind how I managed to do 4 years nofap and when I have time I’ll tell it but it boils down to meeting a woman I actually found incredibly attractive and needing to please her sexually. I’m still with that woman but I’m starting to f*** it all up,damn it.
Stick at the nofap guys,it’s worth it ,even if the process is way longer than most of the streaks I see on here.

Current streak 28 days but that might not last the day !!


Discipline is the second weapon to help us in our journey.

Glad to have you here.


Thanks @RayTango for sharing your story. I feel more motivated towards the cause of no fap. It also makes us aware of the fact that all it takes to go down the wrong track is a gentle push. As if we are in an unstable equilibrium all the way up our streaks, as long as it may be!2A39235300000578-0-image-a-60_1436009862871

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Just relapsed after 40 days and feel physically sick. I don’t think I even like it anymore but just watch because I feel an odd need too.
Won’t be in a rush to do that again, wow that felt horrible.
I wouldn’t say I’m an addict as I can easily go weeks but sometimes that curiosity comes, probably out of boredom.
Anyhow I’m gonna get on with my day.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, real women are what real men need.

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