Awful similarities to conspiracy theorists

I often watch debunking videos of conspiracy theorists and I always lough about their ridiculous arguments.
Typically, the conspiracy theorists criticizes a typical believe in a very harsh manner. People who support the common theory are all payed by a certain group to tell this. Scientific data supporting the current believe is all fake news and manipulated and if there is a single paper supporting the conspiracy theorists, then this scientist is the only one who is not influenced and is telling the absolute truth. It is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, we are doing exactly the same thing here. If someone comes and say, masturbation can be healthy, then he is for sure payed by the porn industry. Porn industry is also paying everyone in every media to keep us hooked. Every scientists who says that there could be a positive effect of masturbation is a corrupt, fake scientist. But if there is one article who shows a change in the brain or any other negative effect than this paper is absolutely right and the truth.

We can do better!! Porn industry doesn’t need to pay scientist. They don’t need to pay people to come to our forum and corrupt nofap. They don’t fear our small little group of people. Look at smoking. Every single person knows that it causes cancer, that you are destroying your body and that it is addictive. But the people don’t care and continue smoking. Similar here. Even if everyone would know about the negative effects of excessive porn consumption, they wouldn’t care. Also, we have to accept that there is date showing positive effects and negative effects of porn and masturbation. We can’t say for sure which one is right and which one is wrong. Also these studies assume a small amount of porn. No study says that excessive daily porn consumption is good.

So to conclude, don’t assume a conspiracy everywhere. Experience the positive effects of nofap, tell others and be happy.

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Let me tell you something. NO FAP is truth, I am 32 years old, and just about 2 years ago I discovered the cure for my anxiety and depression. Today, for sure, I feel so happy and powerful to do anything. I learned to arrange my time and my dreams are changing literally. More hopefull.


Everyone here is battling the addiction because they have seen the side effects and they want to get out of this addiction that’s it. It doesn’t matter what scientists says or doctors says. People here have experienced the change in there life after doing no fap that’s why they are here and supporting the movement. NO FAP is like cheat code to life.


I definitely believe in it too. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been in this community for two years.
Every addictive behavior has negative effects and we should come free of all of them.
And don’t get me wrong. I don’t wanna watch porn ever again. I don’t care if it has positive effects or not. Once I’m done with it I will never come back. Not even once a month for the “health benefits”. It is just not worth it.

The thing is more, it is similar with other addictions. Is drinking a bottle of wine daily good? definitely not. Is a glass of wine every now and again good or not? we don’t know. There is evidence against and for it. Same here.

@vardhan beautifully said. We shouldn’t care what other said. we don’t need confirmation whether it is good or bad. We don’t have to care about scientists who say it is good. It is our journey. We know that what we are doing is the right thing. So we should show the world the benefits by living an awesome life. And if someone asks, you can say: “Nofap is the awesome truth”


Sorry I don’t wanna point fingers. This is just an example. And sorry to the author. I don’t wanna attack you. It is just that I saw so many people getting enraged by a single articles and replies of our community are so hateful. Just let them talk.
These kinds of topics have been posted so often before. And as a mod I got every know and again a message to block person xyz because he is payed by the porn industry. It’s just strange to assume things which you don’t know

If someone wants proof just go to you tube. Have a look there is entire community who is spreading the movement. People’s have changed there life. And here some guys are like it’s normal and all no man it’s not normal it’s fucking destroying lives I have been there and now life is just amazing. I feel like living my dopamine is in my control.

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I’m against the spread of false information just by saying they are paid I meant to emphasize the fact they want people to stay prisoner of PMO.


I have to agree with @neveragaintw.
And I also have to agree partly with other responses in this topic.

See, when @vardhan says there is an entire community in YouTube (possibly referring to Fight The New Drug) then yes, they got their fair share of valid concerns. Porn, as in the porn industry right now, destroys human lives. Human trafficking is a huge problem, people being basically raped on set but don’t complain anymore because they depend on the little money they get payed. And that’s something that has to change.
Same when it comes to the harmful effects of regular consumption of porn on your daily life. It destroys human connections, makes especially people with low self esteem beat themselves down even worse, it encourages you to go down this spiral of self hate, nourishing your shame since you feel alone with this and don’t want to share it…

But in no way is masturbation completely harmful, same as a glass of wine, as watching a movie, as playing video games, as going for a walk.

Want to know what scientific research you can find to show how harmful overexercising is for your muacles? There’s a lot of data that some video games can actually train your 3d-thinking, your creativity, your brain hand coordination, and still I’d say that sitting in front of your pc not caring about eating or your family is a bad thing…
We don’t even have to mention alcohol abuse.

And that’s the thing. It’s the abuse part.
Also, let’s be honest here: most of us just come from a place where this addiction could find roots. I was cast out by society until I was 17 or so. I was raised by a family that had its difficulties showing emotions and affection. And also, the way I learned my brain and my brain specifically works led me to this point. I don’t blame anyone but myself for not noticing earlier that I have to take care of myself, and maybe destiny for not being lucky enough to be out in a better place from the beginning.

And yes, as good and honourable and needed it is to spread awareness to this problem, to porn addiction, to the despised industry and all that, there are people out there who watch porn only sometimes, can completely differentiate between reality and a stupid clip that turns them on and masturbate because they take care of themselves sexually. And the next day they take care of their children, excel at their job and meet some friends.

But I guess it’s in our nature to feel the need to find a reason outside of ourselves to make responsible for our situation, and there are always people who are not content with saying : I don’t like this, it’s bad for me, I don’t do it. The moment there is someone who says : cool, but for me it’s different, they start arguing.

Just stand by YOUR decision. Stop doubting yourself. And stop caring about other people’s opinions :slight_smile:


Well, I can only agree with that statement.
Perfectly said.


I had now time to think about my spontaneous topic. Sometimes I don’t understand a feeling inside me and I write a post misinformed about my feelings.

@CarnetDeBordMore in no way I wanted to say something against your post in particular. Just an example.

I think I have my feelings now better together and know what I felt.
I think it is important that this doesn’t become kind of a religious thing. Sometimes there is a trend to a movement, where you can’t be too extreme into nofap. There is no such thing as “too much nofap”. But as soon as someone is questioning a specific thing. Like what is a relapse or why hardmode, people get enraged.

Often I feel an anger, finger pointing or extremism in certain topics. We can never be happy if we orient our self to others. Anger and extremism only make this addiction worse. Once we can embrace our life, see the beauty in nofap, we are happy, don’t have to care about others and this in turn makes our journey so much easier.
Also the continuous questions “is xyz a relapse”. I believe, if you listen closely to what your body says, you will know whether it was a relapse or not.

So, I think my aggression was more kind of a venting against aggression :sweat_smile:
But I’m feeling better now :smile:


Sometimes my brain forms weird thoughts. By now, I should know better than just write them out immediately.

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I think it’s good to sort them out this way. Worst thing that can happen is a healthy discussion and some new input from other points of view :slight_smile:


First of all, lets make things simple. What is the initial need for porn?? Sexual urge!!! What is the natural remedy for that??? Have sex or get married to have sex. But the system has been designed in such a way that we cannot get married. Getting married has been portrayed in early age is very discouraged. How can we fill up the urge?? PORN!!! Money plays a big role as the demand(numerous unmarried young people) is huge. Some medical advisors played the role to support it. The alternatives of having sex-- porn and masturbation. How pathetic!!! Drinking water can decrease thirst. But the cold drinks are advertised to decrase thirst which are proven to be detrimental. Look for the obvious.

We are not in this world to only have sex. This is a very natural process of reproduction. Thats it!!! But capitalism wants us to get distracted. Everything has deep cause. Capitalism is an ideology. It is not only about earning money one time or by one single entity. It is a process where we general people are victims.

We are objectifying woman through porn. Even when we masturabate we need to imagine other woman in an improper way. How can this be supported??? Afterall this bullshit, we blame rspists!!! The real blame should be towards the advocate of this proposal.

I am disappointed that in this community someone is actually advocating for fapping in a limited manner. Anything unnatural will have deep impact. Sex is the natural need. Dont overrate it. We should have greater purpose in life rather than only having sex or making money.

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Well this is quite the hard topic and also. It will definitely bad to try a neutral aproach to it and I am gonna try it. So I apologise in advance.

See there is a lot of doubt in the entire Nofap community. I have learnt on the hard way as I was also depro for a while not really wanting to go on the forum. I think it started badly affectimg me as I reached day 100 being naïve and truely want to commit to a ‘mentor’ role.

I also have spoken to another some guy here on the forum mot gonna say who and also not to offend, but he opened my eyes to this one fact which gives a major boost as to why these teories exist.

See on this forum he said: If you go and have a look all have posted alot of negativity surrounding by either what is going on in their lives /journeys and also sometimes have a destructive way about them if a relapse happen.

If you also watch some guys carefully they start out all positive about it and then either stop or delete after a relapse or constantly post about what a loser he or she is in the situation.

Regrading this in my situation this affected me alot as I really want to help and guide as best I can and to realise this. It kinda hurts alot inside.

The second thing why the theories are there is people are subjected to become a special and perfect tipe of human.

Yes, I know I have preached do other habits etc. But there is constantly guys wantung to enforce a cold shower for example or their routine on another guy(s).

And people often tend to hate being forced to do stuff they dislike and in so doing creates a load of peer pressure, but not in any positive form and guys tend to leave as they feel left out or get confused as to why it work for them.

See in the other aspect of it all the theory is also hitting it hard on the effects of nofap as some guys get blue balls or negative side effects of nofap which some is normal due to a lot in the change in the body with the hormones etc. and it is causing a lot of concern because some of the symptoms doesn’t happen to all guys and also the cure for ED or PIED is variable and cause doubt and concern in most guys as some guys do heal quicker then some depends on different factors.

Not going to much into detail about it, but also the claims for ‘super powers’ or amazing attraction or whatever guys have posted by it seems very doubtful and I can bust some of the stuff they mentioned. Yes, I do feel a bit more confident , but wasn’t really energetic. I was just me like I use to before I started nofap. In the beginning. Yes, some days there is a energy burst but that is it. Sorry I experience it this way and I wanna be honest.

The other thing is nofap is kinda very deceptive. Sure, I am on nofap and I am happy about it, but seeing some guys here can you get an honest answer for really why they are here?

I can tell you, I am just tired of fapping and porn. I was influenced to do it and I did it until it became a shit habit and now I want out. I can start my life over knowing I have no guilt or can hide nothing and also not be so perverse over sex.

I wanna heal my body and mind so sex can be sex like it is ment to be. Not to create a fantasy or be a zombified sex addict.

See some guys use nofap as a scapegoat to feel good about themselves and the new habits they wanna enforce upon themselves.

I want to exercise and forced it onto me when I started nofap and I even created a challenge platform on the forum and I just stopped. Sure I have started again and post about it on my diary, but I am doing so to try and inspire someone else to try it or to try something they want to try out or to see how to keep the motivation high when ylu feel low to do anything.

You see in truth I attacked Nofap alot, because Nofap is building resistance against itself, because like I said a lot of guys wanna build that perfect nofap human that can’t say no to a challenge and does everything right.

And we can’t achieve it because we are human and very flawed. Sure a guy can keep up with challenges and struggle with it for a while. But not forever.

No for the other part. Obviously the porn industry wants to keep us from stop us from abstaining from porn and masterbation as they obviously benefit from it in getting rich or staying rich.

And that is basically all arguement I have from the porn industry side to build conspiracy theories.

So in the end what I really have in mind is this. You can judge me as you wish and say I am a hypocrite or whatever, but you have to really and truely evaluate the situation before you jump to oneside is better than the other. I am totally against porn and you have read my story on why I am here. I just wanna point out the fact that we as fapstronauts have to change the way people view us. Stop building that perfect person and be the true you. If the nofap movement motivates you to do more then do so and try and inspire someone else. I have started to say this if guys ask advice.

You are responsible for this journey. You can only do your journey the best as you know yourself the best. You are gonna fight your urges alone anyway other guys can merely guide you and give advice as best as possible. You can’t dive in to what other guys say or do if you dislike it or in some cases know you are to lazy to do it. You can achieve great stuff but you have to commit with the journey and to yourself in this. Adjust a few things your way even if it can make you a better version of yourself. Just have fun!

Okay I expanded it a bit but still the point is still there. We have to start this out right.
Peace out

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Dude, that is one of the best posts I’ve ever seen in this forum. I’ve rarely read something, that resonates that deeply with my believes.

Thank you very much for your reply