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As you guys know, a large number of P addicts had their first introduction to P in the school itself from the peer. And being unaware of the circumstances and negative impact of Pornography in the long run, these kids start consuming P.
So I was thinking of starting an awareness program in Indian schools near my area on Harmful affects of Pornography, as they don’t even have sex ed classes . And they possess a very less information on what they’re consuming. I believe having sufficient information on this Pornography and its distavantages thing, can make them wiser and somewhat stops them from consuming and even getting introduced.

I visited a couple of NGOs but there i havent gotten much of the postive response, stating people around here might not accept this. Being in a conservative society I dont know, if it is a good or a bad idea? should I proceed ?,I need opinions, and your views on this.


In India, Its difficult, Indian culture and value system is traditional, talking about porn outside is taboo

Your initiative is good one, porn is attached to pshycological entity, the way introducing to children should be strategically prepared as it can trigger interest who are not exposed before to know more.All people have different belief system and way of thinking

Also problem solving skill, social skill,stress management,career aspiration could be equally stressed on concurrently @krishvamsi30 You could also add these skills which will be complimentary for social and personal development


@krishvamsi30 you are a pioneer, my friend. This is a killer idea and it is exactly what is needed.

Like you said, your problem statement is that young kids are introduced to porn and are unknowingly driven to addiction. Your vision is to spread awareness about the ill effects of PMO because prevention is better than cure. If you’ve already been speaking to NGOs you have taken your idea past the initial stage into the next phase. Don’t stop there! If you have the drive and want to do this you can rally like minded people together and make a plan for this idea.

The odds may be against you but even Jesus said that a prophet is not accepted in his own town. If you stick to it, the impact of what you propose to do is vast and powerful!

I would love to help along the way. And I think this is a great venture.


@krishvamsi30 If you are really passionate about doing this, you should proceed further, irrespective of other’s opinions…We all know what a great initiative it is!


Directly, write a nice informative letter to the principals. This is checkmate move. Those who know the importance will accept and help you.

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Seems like a good idea to me, I might try to look into something like that where I’m at. If not in schools than at least in my church.
I’m behind you 100%, keep us posted on how it goes please.

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This is a great idea!

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Thanks a lot @Natalia, that was one hell of a support. And yes I was super serious about this, I did my research and backed up the sources, and have created a simple PowerPoint presentation.

One of my greatest concern is back then times were different and they don’t have to worry much about pornography they have other problems like bullying ,drug abuse etc, but if we do not take any appropriate decisions or any actions, in the coming years it’s gonna be a disaster.

One of the reason NGOs denied was the fact that " what if a kid doesn’t know about this thing and if he/she might get into it". And I went blank, unable to answer them.

@AnkitK thanks man, that was really a great idea I’m gonna drop the NGO thing and shall start negotiating with the principal, I believe they might understand better.
Thanks guys for supporting this initiative. Now my to do list is to find some activitist or like minded to create a better presentation and shall start shooting letters to the principals. I’ll update the journey and the results soon.


This sounds like a great idea, but I believe the challenge you have to be ready for is likely opposition to talking about the subject of sex overall in an informed and non-judgmental way. People may be initially on-board with your idea of discouraging use of pornography, but they may want to do it from a moralistic point of view. The moment you start talking about, for instance, how abstaining from pornography helps in forming healthy sexual relationships (potentially before marriage), things could become tricky.

This is not to discourage you, just wanted to share my thoughts on what you might need to work around as you go forward.

All the best to you and thank you for beginning this.

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You can also try to invite FightTheNewDrug gang. If they come, then your work will become a lot easier and your reach can be international. Also, you can try to make a team of female teachers if the principal agrees (not male teachers because some of them may be watching p themselves)


Awareness is a great idea. However I’d recommend to have more people with you. If you can find someone who thinks the same you can set up a team or company that targets these things. But I’m not from India so I do not know so much about your culture or ethics etc. But keep it up it’s a great concept.

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