Awakening after 5 years of struggling with PMO


Last week i got new record (26 days) without PMO
but then i relapsed and got 7 days.
I relapsed again and now i have 2 days but im not feeling like a shit like usually.
I dont think i lost everything what i built.
In one day i was feeling energetic and music
was more enjoable for 3 hours.
I have Blockerx with premium installed on my android phone. I uninstalled web browser, youtube, Gmail.
I think that it will help me to get another long streak.
If u have any tips that would help me to break this addiction i will be grateful :slight_smile:
Btw im from Poland.


I have small question for you… @rezumus
Because I did same what you’re doing now…

Did these help you for long term(throughout the journey)?

If it helps you for short term and later you’ll handle everything by yourself then it’s okay.

Kindly learn to control your mind rather than controlling your mobile usage…

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Blockers on phone and laptop helped a lot to get 26 days. I cant control urges, i tried it many times before i found Blockers for my phone and now i think that i will get another record. Urges are not strong now but i still need to be careful.


I tried different ways before and blockers are the most effective so far.

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Okay then do what works best for you… atleast you may recover from p* addiction…

And don’t forget to try and built new habits to replace that habit


Im strongly addicted to PMO. I watched porn for 13 years of my life and i feel very lazy and unmotivated.
I also have social anxiety.
I don’t feel like complete shit but it’s not good either.
I now have less requirements for female beauty.
I’m going to build new habits when I begin to feel like I have Energy.
I tried to work with personal trainers and sexologists on new habits but after a few days I gave up because I had no energy for it.
Now I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I think I can win it.
I bought a phone without internet in case I had a smartphone failure again.

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