Avoid all Dopamine shortcuts

NOT only PORN Masturbation is the cause of draining our life, but there are many highways which take us to low life. Our brain is trained by us in a bad ass way to become a DOPAMINE hugry HULK. we need to also keep control on Usage of any of such means which provide an easy winning feel. Excessive entertainment, unintended use of google, Youtube, Facebook + insta+ pintrest + telegramscrolling, Watching porn films and masturbating. All these and many more are shortcuts to gain small or large dosages of Dopamine. these prevent us to do real life works which need realti.e efforts. deep work. focus. we try always to run away from everything in reall life as that seems to bare threat to us as we have gone deep in finding dopamine short cuts and not put efforts at required path. real efforts bring confidence and real way to gain a winning which as an award provide the dopamine secretion. Avoid any entertainment which is excessive without time binding or purpose , along with Quitting PMO. that is a deep work and the rabit hole needs to be filled by you one step at a time with consistancy.