Attraction and confidence really does make a difference (Day 0)

This is coming from a confident person and a person who always cracks jokes myself, this may sound like a mental thing or just a paranoid perception but from hearing everyones experiences on No Fap about the “The laws of attraction” and “Increased confidence” I have to say since officially starting the No Fap lifestyle myself this year I have witnessed some dramatic differences after I have relapsed constantly on a binge.

Yesterday at work I said Good morning to my manager but he hesitantly responded to say good morning back, now I’m not jumping the gun just yet he could’ve been tired like everyone is at the start of a morning in work but my manager is one of he coolest dudes I’ve ever met in life and this was the first time he responded in that tone, it’s like my frequency of energy couldn’t connect with him.

The next situation at work about a month ago I was in the kitchen getting coffee to start my morning and this buff blonde girl who I don’t even speak to, who always sits about a table away from me on my right in the office had a good genuine 2 minute conversation with me just from the word “Hi” I made her laugh with the most simplest punchlines ever in my head I didn’t find what I said was that funny anyways the next day after I relapsed I saw her at work and it was like I never existed.

Just yesterday I was in a company meeting at work anyways we had to introduce ourselves to a new recruit at work the office was crowded so we had to stand up to introduce ourselves I must’ve said something obviously funny but it seemed that all I saw was forced smiles and no genuine laughs, the next guy made a dead joke and then people suprisingly laughed at his bad not so funny joke, it could be a sense of hunour issue but I notice if I do No Fap for the first 3 days guaranteed I would get genuine responses.

Last but not least I was working with the duty technician whilst we was working my manager came down with an assistant director she made a “friendly” joke on me and the duty technician I responded with a pun and my manager actually laughed but she responded “funny joke” but didn’t laugh when it obviously was funny.

My point is everytime I relapse regardless if I’m a confident person or not I feel like I’m playing a role acting as “me” when it isn’t and it’s like people can see that it doesn’t matter if I am confident, I also realise that when I’m in front of a crowed of people and I have to do some kind of presentation “I feel nervous” and I shake on the inside when I shouldn’t even if I try my best to bring my “100%” energy, it’s almost like people know but yet they don’t know if you’ve relapsed or not but I know they definitely sense an energy and status upon you.