Attention needed ! unspeakable incident happended

I feel ashame to admit what had recently happened to me. I’m here admitting it to you guys because I believe your r my virtual family. Please forgive me :sob:
I was on 50 days streak,I was feeling super horny
I don’t have any gf or any good friend to share my friends and get suggestions. I decided to visit local red light area of my distinct. I had never done sex, I’m now 25 old boy who had never even kissed a girl. I was super curious to find out what’s the experience of having sex,and as I said I had gone to a prostitute,yes I was even ready to pay for sex. I was so immature that I visited alone. She behaved very nicely outside and when she gone inside the room,she showed me her true colour. I was badly deceived. Whilst inside the room,she asked to pay upfront and I did it. To my surprise she took my wallet and took out all the money I had. Worse than that,she clicked my photo with her ( I was on my full clothes and so she was ). Then she threatened me to pay her money Rs 3000/- apart from what she had taken out of my wallet ,otherwise she is gonna upload this picture to internet and would go to police station. I was so frightened as freak,I started to sob in front of her and said I would pay all money and I requested her to give me one day to collect the money and give her. She warned me to give her money within 1 hour or else she is upload it soon. Then she opened the room and asked me to leave and return back with the money.
I run out of the room as fast as I can .
Plz suggest me what should I do :sob::pleading_face:
Should I give her money but what’s the guarantee that she hadn’t replicated my photo! And would ask again for money . Basically I would become her free source of income
Now the thing is that she neither knows my name nor my phone number or address. I am thinking to avoid her going back to her place and fall victim
Please :pleading_face: please :pleading_face::pleading_face: help me ! Kindly understand what should I do in this situation

Please take from me never never ever go to a prostitute to satisfy your sexual desires,it is far better to watch a porn

Sorry if I said anything disturbing. I have only hopes from you guys

Please :pleading_face: reply


Calm down bro…dont feel bad,there is nothing to be ashamed of…you went to prostitute only,not raped anyone. And also not had sex with her.
Photo is not at all a problem because both are fully dressed. Just leave it. Dont go again.
Do your work.
The problem comes only if you go again I think so.

Just say she asked to take photo with you because she felt you handsome and you allowed it like a rockstar :nerd_face:( because you are in a good mood that day)

Do you think police believe prostitutes?
Never they dont. What’s the proof brother you slept with her. Just a simple photo that with fully dressed?..Never. Say she asked for it while going on that side area.
Or say she asked for help to carry few bags or cylinder to her room while you travelling in that area and you picked that to her room then she asked you to stand erect but you asked why? Then she said one second please then you stand then she took photo suddenly without your permission and blackmailing you.
Why dont you give complain to police she is blackmailing you?
Because you are a decent guy from a decent family… so you not complained her and let her free because of the fear to goto police station to complain. If she done anything about it blackmail her bro😂. Dont be a victim.

And why she has to give your money back?
I think she is good women…she dont wanted you to come back like this again,so she may have done like this

Maybe someone here have better idea.


I have never met this type of situation. But i will look dead in her eyes, fight with her, snatch her phone and do a factory reset.

Well you should never ask your friends for advice in this horny situation. They will only tell us an option which is dangerous or it was pre planned.

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i agree with you, also OP grow a beard, lose/gain weight, wear specs , grow hair/cut short. change your appearance, u’ll be fine.


If you dont go back there then follow what @Busyman

Or if you go there follow what @StealthChopperinbond said

Thats an eye opener for all those who think prostitute is all fun


Bro i relapsed. Now what to do?

Are you asking me bro?

Yes. Buddy i am asking you

You have given a good idea but she was demanding more money than what she had taken
I am still as restlessness as yesterday. I’m totally confused now. I don’t want to go there at all,never in my life again. But at the same time I fear if at all she uploaded my photo with her where the hell she would upload.
As per police is considered,yes you r right,they r not gonna believe them just by merely having few photos

One thing I want to tell you again is that she doesn’t know my name or address.

Prostitutions is very bad . I would never ever think about going there. Do you have any idea for aforementioned situation?

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I am sorry buddy, but i have never faced such situations, so i have no idea in that,

Just a photo. No problem. But such incidence shall open your eyes. See what lust can do to you?

I know
Any idea you can give as my elder brother,:sob::sob:

What do you think where she could upload that ? To a porn websites ? She is a professional prostitute

Don’t worry. If she doesn’t know anything about you, she cannot do anything. She will get frustrated and will end up deleting ur photo.
Believe in God Krishna. Everything will be fine. Don’t think about this incidence a lot. Calm urself down. From ur heart ask for forgiveness before god and u will be forgiven.

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Nope. I don’t think. They have lot of photos in their phone. They blackmail a lot of people.
Don’t worry. You are a strong guy.

Yes she doesn’t know anything about me, what is the name or address or number. If she has to upload my pic for tormenting my character. She has to know my details, right ? That photo could mean any random guys
Right bro??

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Absolutely. Screw her. Focus on ur streak and work/studies. Never repeat same mistake.

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Ok brother. I’m feeling calm from your words


Bro…If she wanted more money then why she wanted to give you that small money that you gave her in the first place without your phone number and address.
She is mad?
She is very good women. She dont want to spoil you. That’s why to make you afraid she did it.
So calm down.
Second…where see will upload?
Insta or Facebook?
She dont even know your name…so no problem. Even if she upload who will see that?..
Some public and some friends of her.
And even in case your circle sees it…
What? can say the story I said to them.
So they will see you as strong and good person…why?..Because you helped her and she blackmailed you. And I strongly say that photo won’t reach your circle people.
There are ton of photos of internet like that bro. Fake shits,some even real. But who cares.
Chill bro.
Just leave it and focus on your work.
Built your streak up. Put energy in work.
In one to three years anyway you going to marry… So Never spoil your life. Its better fapping then to goto prostitute.
Dont repeat the mistake again. Because all are not same.