Atheist NoFappers - 21 Days of strictly No PMO

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Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want to create a group - I am an atheist and a rationalist, seriously guys, look at the all the great things mother earth has to offer us and we must be worth it. Remember submitting to porn is like submitting to the shit.

This group will be a cold turkey method for No PMO strictly, please do not relapse, go out, eat, play, do the beautiful things you can do to yourself rather than stinking your single second in porn, let’s make next 21 days the most significant days of our lives. Feel free to share any useful video links and posts in comments. Also don’t forget to watch Gary Wilson’s TED talk plus that of Philip Zimbardo, do watch them again and again. No matter we get flatline, non socializing tendencies, disinterest, anxiety, panic attack anything but let’s touch the limits of human potential.

Auribus teneo lupum, nam neque quomodo a me amittam invenio neque uti retineam scio.”(”I’ve got a wolf by the ears; for I neither know how to get rid of her, nor yet how to keep her.”)
— Terentius, Phormio 506


Agreed my code is 01e5aa lets do it

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46b729 my code, please add me.

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Lets do it, my code is : 6000ed

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@nagate @pieterdebeer48 @fynnforex
1 day in guys!! Keep it up!! Remember…even a single thought can take you to the darkest misery again. Uphold!! Let the reboot make you your most real person.
Check this video by Philip Zimbardo out:

@fynnforex @pieterdebeer48 @nagate
Don’t you guys never fall to the trap again, your brain will trick you, asking just a bit of shit, your quest is to rule not to be ruled. Never Again!!

@nagate you’re an inspiration for everyone here bro, a man worth all the respect, 134 days is like exaltation to the level of a superman perhaps.

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Thanks for this, much appreciated. Day 3(after relapsing with 6 days streak), still going strong, day 1 after the relapse was unbearable due to guilt and regret. Interacting with the community more often to avoid any fall back. Let me tell some benefits that I realised:
— Didn’t smoke a single cigarette in last 6 days.
— Left instagram for good.
— The way I used to feel when I saw any women before was different than now. I am much more confident these days.
— Focus, concentration and reflexes are much better than before.

I will not bow down to the urges. I will win.


Yes NoFap makes me stay controlled and this objective pattern of controlling the urge and let it vanish can be applied everywhere. Learn it here and apply it anywhere, stay strong, be worth every thought, be worth everything you’ve to do.


Add me please e8ffd9 !! Im on Day 14

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My code is c42109
Plzz add me

I am an atheist too
Add me to your group I will not let you all down
Code - aab334

I am already on day 22 :slight_smile:

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No matter how many days you’ve got, connsider it a triumph and start with humility of being a zero this is what will keep you in integrity. Human brain is capable of superb creativity and you can make it out by simply looking around you. I mean loom at the aeroplanes, the physics, language, cognitive science etec etc. Use your brain for a purpose, don’t dose with shit so that it stinks and grow only the worms of dirty stinking pleasure that make you weak.


Stay strong all,we’ve got 3 days!! Remember I will never submit again.

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Stay firm on your convictions guys don’t give up it’s not worth it

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@pieterdebeer48 @yolahui not good, not at all, you will make nothing by relapsing like this, just anxiety and disappointment, everything is in your hands guys, teach your brain some control.

I know man, it’s so sad. What’s your code if i may ask? What do you suggest?
I know my moment of weakness, what can I do about IT?

Goto the top in description of this thread, you’ll see my code.

How old are you? I’m 27