At which day or can u even get through nofap harder erections ? And can u cure ED with nofap

I have the problem my mhm doesn’t really feel connected to my body and I only reach 100% with a real good porno or hentai (vids and pics) i think the problem is for sure mental and not physically but how i fix it ? (had no experience with real sex so it could work then because other/intense Stimulation but I’ll wait for sex till marriage.)


Doing nofap is the best way to fix it

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No fap for one year will cure it 90%


Thanks for the answer

Welcome to the community brother. This is the best place to get out of the fucking hell of pmo.
I too had PIED. My dick was dead; but if you go hardmode (without any kind of artificial stimulation such as searching girls name, videos etc) you’ll start getting erections just in 14 or 20 days. It’ll get stronger by 40 etc. Complete a reboot of 90 - 180 days. Be celibate. Become the master of your destiny


Man I really try to get that reboot. 90 would be great. I really try to don’t fap my whole life If I want pleasure then with real sex but except that I won’t touch myself anymore. Also the nofap community litterly is good for the whole world 1. Because of all good benefits 2. Porn. Porn is such a shitty industry actually it should just die. And we don’t support Porn. It’s fake, acted and a whole mess for you brain. But I’ll stop this now.


I got information about a new fact today
Those who say masturbation is normal yes it is normal for women yes you heard right it’s for women but not with porn and any other virtual shit. In kamasutra it is written that women should masturbate and men should preserve their semen because women didn’t lose essential elements from their body like we men do.
It is made for them because they have 1000% more sexual energy than men and it is provided them because they can bring a new life from this energy
Don’t get me wrong there but that’s true.
And for women it should not be done ok daily basis it should be weekly or monthly.
Have a nice streak⚡


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