At which day does the urge to fap vanish?

Advice for fapping so it can become easy to no fap

Truth is the urge will always remain. Instead try filling your time with good goals. How can you serve someone? Do you want to exercise more? By fighting the urge and replacing the temptation with good you will succeed.


This is absolutely true. However the longer you go without pmo the less urges u will feel. But remember that at that point of time even a little peek may cause you to fap.


Hey as @roxor and @Slych888 said the urges never vanish and they might become smaller but are always dangerous if you fall back to PMO.

However you can change the subject of the urge over time. The urge is just a biological and psychological habit. Your brain wants more dopamine to feel better or you are used to watching porn in these circumstances (usually stress, Depression etc.)

Knowing this you can develop new beneficial habits that satisfy the biological urge and that as time goes on turn into your typical psychological response in the same situations as PMO.

To sum it up your urges will stay
But you deal with them in anotherway!


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It will vanish at the very same day you forgot you had to fight this addiction.
I learned that on the long run, you eventually grow out of this fight. The war against porn addiction can only be won if you stop fighting it. You need to grow to the point where you have to let go of the fight. If you keep your focus on figting porn, than the slightest thought of porn will always remain in your mind and urge can rise from it. Just from thinking the word porn in your mind.
For me, I should’ve redirected my focus when I was around 80-90 days. I didn’t and I failed completely on my 97th day.
So be wise, urges in a practical way will disappear absolutely, but temptation will remain because we crave for love in phisical form as well. But this craving can be fulfilled in a natural, healthy way, without porn.
Hope this helps!


Urge will…live in you until you live…

Explained very well…

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