At Day 22 right now

Feeling stronger but facing urges?
What should be done?


It’s the same time when most of my own relapses happen too don’t worry and never go to incognito tab it’ll pass away :v:

Meanwhile you can try (rooting that you’re still in)

Cold Showers
Meditating (this one’s the most helpful)
Read an book
Go out for an walk
If it’s late at night just sleep

Also the best advice someone can give to you is your own self so Stay mindful ! :slight_smile:


You should distract your mind brother, You can watch any movie which you have already watched which don’t have any triggers.
I personally recommend if you haven’t watched anime yet You are missing a lot, You can start by watching deathnote it’s available on telegram and You are gonna love it.
Or You can watch Attack on titans.
Don’t think anime is for kids, Give it a try and You will be amazed.
Good Luck stay strong :clinking_glasses: :fire:
Day 22 is amazing brother, You cannot give up now, You are almost in the edge of getting healed don’t give up now. We will get our freedom.


Thanks :blush: all of you :two_hearts:


Read chapter 4 , 7 from previous post… N u will be urge free

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