Aspects to keep in mind

The pain caused by a person who makes you suffer, makes you fall much more easily, even if you have recently left her.
The person you are infatuated with gives you a horny mixed with the pain of not being able to have her or that she is cheating on you, which are much stronger than a woman you barely know, so it is so much easier to fall.
It is counterproductive to be with a woman with an unfinished Nofap path.
First the journey ends and then we get together with someone.
Furthermore, even just looking for someone during the Nofap path is counterproductive, because “the custody of the eyes” would be violated and therefore the detoxification process is considerably slowed down. It’s not just porn that’s in the way but regular photos of girls as well. You must not look at any image or even let your eyes wander on the street during this journey.
So, if you want to take this path seriously you have to put your soul in peace NOT TO LOOK FOR ANYONE during this path, it is only allowed once the PATH IS FINISHED, moreover once the path is finished, your mental attitude would change and you could also TRULY NOT NEED NO ONE BY YOUR SIDE.
I made the mistake of re-signing up for a dating site.
The first two days, when I chose the girls I was very judicious and full of morality, from the third day onwards, continuing to use that site, I became another person, with careless thoughts and every woman suited me, then I fell. So I found that I am profoundly bipolar and the person I am during times of lust is totally different (much worse) than the person I am during times of non-lust.

I don’t think that I am the only married man here who would disagree with you.
You need to understand the difference between a real, wholesome, bonding and fulfilling relationship
And a fake, dirty, isolating and draining relationship.

Your relationship with PMO can only be the fake and negative relationship.
But, your relationship with a real person can fall under either category. Selfish and lusting pursuit or continuation of a relationship is bad, mostly for you, but also negative to the other person.

Selflessly, virtuously and honestly pursuing or continuing a wholesome relationship is good for both of you.

Intimacy, attraction and beauty are good things.
Selfish sex, lusting and promiscuity are bad.
They are not the same. Please don’t confuse one for the other, or make the mistake of thinking they are all one and the same.


I am deeply grateful to you for enlightening me about this. Your words helped me a lot to understand, that’s why it’s so nice to be in this forum, where you can help each other.
You are definitely right.
If I had been in a healthy relationship, I would have come out of it as a hero during the reboot, but instead it was an exhausting long-distance relationship, full of contradictions and doubts.
I can correct my previous statements in this:
The man blinded by lust loses the ability to judge and does not evaluate the person or the circumstances.
It is only a matter of luck if a person in this degrading condition becomes part of a healthy relationship.
On the other hand, it becomes easy to be part of a healthy relationship if a person has already gone down own path of lust removal, which can last several years.

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