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Hi name is Priya.(Friends call me Baarish) I just joined no fap on account of a simple reason of being stuck in my journey. It’s been roughly two months since my streak and I feel now I am reaching a stalemate. I would love some guidance in that matter. I have also started exercising which is kind of increasing my desire to masturbate. Thankfully, the urge to watch porn has disappeared but my mind fog persists and I would like to do a complete overhaul/metamorphosis if possible i.e. change lifestyle and stop masturbating both.

One particular difficulty is that my mind cannot distinguish between liking for liking and liking for sexual gratification. I steer clear of male company to keep myself sane and prevent such thoughts. But I hope to reverse this and become a better well rounded person in the future.

I would also love to have someone to check up on me and vice versa. Preferably someone my own age group, 28 & above and female but there is no rigid opnions regarding this in my mind. We are all here to find companions in our journeys and grow. I hope you all are doing well and safe this pandemic.


Hello :slight_smile: well! I am a female as well, and, well, above 28! I don’t know if my companionship would be useful, but sometimes it really helps to share some thoughts or fears with other lady :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply…as I am still learning about this app its so comforting to find a friendly hand to share thoughts and discuss ideas with…I do not know how the system here operates but will surely figure it out soon.

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First fall welcome to this rewire companion we all are struggling with same issue and you are at the right part, Just don’t let this thing spoil your life,
Well I’m beginners to be Frank but yeah i can help if you want any kind of help just lemme know, otherwise you having @Dari U can share your problem with her bc a girls understand girl problem better,
Sry for not having enough good English
And that’s my sharing code- o6qcft if you want

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