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Ash_Matt’s Self Improvement Diary

I have a lot of work to do on myself, and I want to keep track of it.

Who am I?

I’m Ash.

Christian. A medical student, classical trained musician and college level athlete.

I like to write fiction in my free time and publish it online (my most read work so far was publish on Dec 13, 2022 and has accrued 7k reads so far).

I am a gymrat but haven’t gone to the gym in a while due to shoulder dislocation playing basketball (as of the time of writing this. If you look at my goals one of my goals is to change that).

I am also a moderator here at Rewire Companion, so feel free to approach me if you have any issues/questions.

This is my diary about my journey to self improvement.

Peace out,
Flame on! :fire:

Medium- Term Goals set:

  • August 2023
    Make my return to gymming and college level basketball, being better at both than before.
    Status: :white_check_mark: MET
  • November 2023: Complete all the portions covered in 2nd year
  • January 2024: Score more than 75% in University exams

Short- Term Goals set:

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Diary Format

Soli Deo gloria



Morning Gratitude:

Focus tasks

:red_circle: Focus goals :orange_circle: Priority tasks :yellow_circle: Other tasks
Goal 1 Task 1 Other
Goal 2 Task 2 Other

:red_circle: MUST be completed by the end of the day
:orange_circle: MUST be completed before relaxing at the end of the day
:yellow_circle: It is good if I can complete them

Night time reflections

Challenge of the week reflection:

Challenge of the month reflection:

The Habit I am currently working on

Planning tomorrow


Peace out,
Flame on


All the best brother :+1:


Bruh you following almost same sleep schedule as me :joy:.
Tho this is ideal for me, I still mess it up.


Don’t you mean 12 a.m or is it actually p.m :flushed:


Sleeping 8 hours that’d be AM of course.


Yep. I messed up yesterday. But that is the schedule only for this week. Next week it will probably be 10-6 or something like that.


Yep, I meant am :slight_smile:


And the Phoenix also becomes stronger after the rebirth :fire:.

Come on Phoenix!!!

Flame On :fire:


Thanks man. Appreciate it :heart:


Challenge of the Week and Challenge of the Month, Legacy Posts


Jan 2023
  • COTM:
    a. The Wise One (Meditate 20 mins a day)
    b. The Author (800 words/day)
  • COTW:
    a. Workaholic (8hrs study /day)
    b. Son of Zeus (gym Mon-Sat)
Feb 2023
  • COTM:
    a. Audiophile (Listen to a podcast for 20 minutes everyday)
  • COTW:
    a. Detoxer (Dopamine detox till 8 pm everyday)
    b. Connected (Prayer and Bible Study twice a day)
March 2023
  • COTM:
    a. Zyzz (do at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday)
  • COTW:
    a. Detoxer (Dopamine detox till 8 pm everyday)
September 2023

COTM: Spend the first 15 minutes of my day with God, no using phone before it

  • Week 1: complete the YouTube education series I am watching
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4

Day 2

Wasn’t able to meet yesterday’s goals. Failure of discipline. I still have goals one and two left, the other two I finished. So I’ll complete those two first, then update the rest.


Day 3

Didn’t study a word today. Relaxed the whole day. Feel a bit guilty but whats done is done.


It’s ok dude.
It’s frickin end of the year :fire:.
And yeah Happy new year!


Thanks so much!
Happy New year! Here’s to another yeat of becoming better. Turning from boys to men. To becoming someone I can be proud of.
Here’s to a new us.


Goals for the rest of today

I will follow my schedule for the rest of today.

1:00-2:00- study
2:00-3:00- lunch/relax
3:00-5:00- study
5:00-6:00- workout/piano
6:00-8:00- study
8:00-9:00- dinner/relax
9:00-10:00- probably be spending with family
10:00-11:30- study

Also work on getting up around 6 am tomorrow


Day 5 21h

Almost day 6. I’m facing urges, especially when I see triggering stuff on social media, but I will.not.quit.ever.
Didn’t study much today, was out meeting friends.
Whenever I get urges I remember that it’s too much to lose and to little to gain.
Sexual urges are the shortest of them all. I just have to wait for 30 seconds to a minute then BAM the urge is gone like it never existed.
God is the biggest reward. When I get urges I focus on how much He is to me, and that helps me change focus from the temporary pleasure of 3 seconds porn provides to the permanent pleasure God gives me.

Never quit qutting.
Sheer will power.

If anyone watches basketball, today’s matches were fire :fire:
Literally motivation. Two teams won simply because of the players freakin will power @The_integrous_one Donavan Mitchell 71 point :exploding_head: too much dedication.

Can’t do upper body exercises. Today I will do ab workout.

_Flame on :fire: _


Tf daaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnnn. I gotta watch the highlights.


Day 7

Maybe its time to make big changes.
I haven’t been productive at all lately. Simply wasting time chasing dopamine. Which I need to stop.
I have started physiotherapy for my shoulder. It’s going to be a long road for me, but it;s a challenge and I’m not backing down. Doctor told me not to lift weights again, but I’m going to work on strengthening my shoulders till I can go back to gymming. This is not going to stop me.
The only person who decides when to stop is me. Not the doctors. Not my haters. No anyone else. Just me.

By August 2023 I’ll be back in the gym lifting weights. And playing basketball better than before.

That’s my goal. My long term goal for this next months.

Now for nearer short-term goals:

By 13th January, I will finish 50% of revision of my portions for first year exams. And I’ll finish at least the rough draft of my first book.

No time to lose. It ain’t over till I quit.

Flame on :fire:


It does feel like a post after Day 7 testosterone boost :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Ye that extra 45% is very noticeable :fire: