Ash_Matt's journal [The rising flame]

Really cool song I heard. It’s a Christian rap song by tedashi @NderituPiusIII @tfish98 @Sacred @drago @AbishekChopin2

Guys, please don’t take offence. But I suggest you listen if you want. It perfectly shows our fight against PMO. Pumped up lyrics too :joy: We gotta make war! We gotta fight for our lives! we gotta destroy this PMO! Who said we have to listen to ourselves when our mind says 'Give in to PMO.
No one! We decided what we do!


@Ash_Matt Great, 19 days :smiley: you changed. It is noticeable, changed for the better. I want to see you achieve 30 days :smiley:

Only clear streak is real. No peaking, no watching porn, no fantasizing :smiley:


Thanks brother @udaCisie for the kind words :slight_smile:
Yes I agree. I feel so good in this streak, 10 times better than the previous one. Let’s do this!
After 21 days, 1 month is my goal :+1:


19 days, 23 hours

Accidentally saw a racy video today. Urges to peek were very high. But I remembered that it was my old life. I don’t peek anymore. Not counting it as relapse because:

  1. It was accidental
  2. I closed it immediately
  3. I resisted the urge to peek
    No more urges after that guys. Let’s hit 21 days!!

Flame on


Keep going @Ash_Matt!

Love the song! It’s super catchy!


You’re doing great! This is a wonderful mindest.

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@Ash_Matt go and keep going! Go that far that you cant even look back


Thank you for the encouragement :blue_heart: @nofapstar123 @FlowForCourage

Day 23

I like the number 23 XD It’s really noticable in basketball, since two all time greats (MJ and LBJ) wore/wear it as their jersey number. I’m not a fan of them, but their accomplishments are undeniable.

So is their dedication.

They work day in and day out. Putting more shots in than anyone else. They are their strictest teacher. They are their competition.

There is so much I can learn from them.

So I commit to beating myself. Because the only person I would like to allow to beat myself would be- myself.

:slightly_smiling_face: Guys how did you like the NBA finals? Ik it was a while ago, but yeah. Didn’t like it too much, not a Lakers fan (obviously). :joy:

Flame on


Whenever your addiction hurts you

Say this to its face.


Love the basketball references!! Keep going strong @Ash_Matt! :+1:


@StealthChopperinbond thanks man. That’s intense! Yeah on NoFap I definitely feel more like an alpha male :muscle:

@tfish98 Thanks! So you’re a Lakers fan? Warriors fan here. Dub city forever!


@Ash_Matt, I’m more of a college basketball fan, but I love the sport in general, so I’ll watch a game whenever my dad turns one on. But I do love watching the greats especially!

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That’s great! I’m not into NCAA, but I hope to play college basketball soon.


Gs warriors is the best! :triumph:
I’ve been a fan of steph curry all the way from 2013.
Haven’t watched nba for a while though. The cheerleaders used to trigger me :joy::rofl::cry:


Let’s go Dub city!!! @Kaizen Awesome to see dub nation fam here. I’ve supported them from then too!
Yep man. I personally feel cheerleaders are completely unnecessary. Like, why?
Tbh, it’s because some fans come just to watch them. Unfortunately all modern corporations are like this. Because most people don’t have the self control.
Curry is my favourite player of all time bruh. He’s :fire: and my inspiration to play basketball.

Look at Curry man, so inspirational
Hope you get the reference :joy:
Flame on


Guys I need some advice. (No) thanks to Covid, my interaction with other people was less. Till now, I had no problem (I’m an introvert) but now due to noFap I have the urge to go out and meet people. While that’s cool and all, here’s what I do:

  1. Texting people on Whatsapp (No other social media till my exams are over).
  2. Phone calls/Video calls/Discord about every other week or something. Play among us with friends, stuff like that.
  3. Meet people who I play basketball games with(most of them are older than me, college guys).
  4. Part of couple of online communities about stuff I am passionate about, especially writing.

I’m just wondering about the 4th one. Sometimes, I fear I could possibly distract me. But it’s really nice to meet people passionate about the same thing. One such community is rewire, but that’s no problem for me.
Any advice, especially Christian, would be appreciated.


I suppose it’s all up to your/God’s judgement. Do you feel it’s good? Or is there something inside telling you otherwise? Maybe the Holy Spirit is trying to redirect your path to something not so time wasteful?

Probably my best advice is to pray about it. Ask God. His answers always right. You’ll know the answer there.


You’re right bro. I know God wants me to stop it, atleast for now. But I’m postponing it, I guess :man_shrugging:t3: Thanks for the help.


The same reason there are item songs in Bollywood movies, that are completely unrelated to the main story.

Same here bro! I’m a curry fan through and through. Steff Curry is the best of all times. LeBron who?

Yeah look at curry man, just trying to do great things in the world, you know what I’m saying? :rofl:


Yeah man. I don’t watch bollywood but it’s true. And very annoying.

:joy: Same feeling. I mean, you have to give him credit, he’s good, but he’s not curry.

ROFL :joy: