Ash_Matt's journal [The rising flame]

@Ash_Matt are you indian?
You haven’t seen [email protected] in life? Really :flushed:

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Yes bro XD
But I have seen racy yt videos. Even though no nudity that’s bad enough.
We can do this bro!!


Thank you bro :grin:
Yep even I have disabled all social media, Google, YouTube on my phone.


@Ash_Matt what is your age bro ?
I am happy to see you never watch porn,
well done bro !!


Thank you brother @SAMURAI
It is nothing great. I still have fallen into this trap. But I will come out.
Maybe I fell into this so that I can come out as a man with self control.
I am 17 brother.


I will be 17 this month😃


Day 5

Today is day 5 of my streak. Not many urges(a few here and there) and no peeking because I know that will destroy my streak.

Struggle to stay focused and study. Many distractions. I need to learn to discipline myself. Anyone know of any good books to read on this topic @Prox ?

I am not exercising properly this week due to exams. Still doing light work out.

Whatever it takes, 'cause I love the adrenaline in my veins.
Whatever it takes, 'cause I value dopamine in my brain.

Soli Deo Gloria


I am also motivated by you,and doing exercises daily.ㅤㅤ


Thanks for your encouragement bro :slight_smile:
Glad I could help @IhavenoFriends
Still using that username eh? :wink: We’re here for you bud.


Day 7

Finally one week of NoFap. A small achievement but good for me because this signals the beginning of the end of the chaser effect. I believe I am susceptible to it till around day 14. It falls really low around day 21 and higher streaks.

I am lacking a bit in discipline and need to improve.

Not much time to use RC app or even think about p* due to many exams I have this week.

Keep fighting brothers! @udaCisie @nofapstar123 @Dean_Ambrose @IhavenoFriends @Marcio @Karan050 @_KarmaYogi @SAMURAI @MM2020 @SincereDev
You guys are my motivation for today. My friends who keep checking in on me through my diary. A huge thank you to you all. You have encouraged me a lot.


I would like to do more for you. I would like to hug you now, look you in the eye and say: We will win together.


You’re doing excellent bro. Carry on. We’re with you. :handshake::+1:


@Ash_Matt You are making good progress brother :smile::smile:
I wish you achieve many more Goals in your life :v::v:
we fight together with this :fire::fire:


All the best brother! :innocent:
But be ready, im telling one truth,
You may get urges right after your exams get over, ( from my personal experience)
So make yourself mentaly well prepared for that phase! You have to do it! You can do it!


Keep going brother, it will be the best what you can do!


Thank you so much guys! Really feel blessed!
@Marcio Thank you bud! Your support is more than enough!
@MM2020 Thank you bro! You too!
@SAMURAI thank you warrior bro! All the best!
@nofapstar123 thanks bro! All the best to you! I 100% feel you- those stupid urges after exams are the worst. But now my reward is other stuff, no PMO.
Thanks brother! @udaCisie


Day 8

Today is not some huge NoFap day like day 90 or anything, but I make a decision today. This is a secret beast that has been eating from my exam scores a while now. I know I am in the top students but because of this I am coming 8-10th instead. I have to destroy this beast because otherwise now it is destroying me.
I will not do it now, maybe after my exams, when I have time I can enjoy it. Because I like it because I am a writer myself and it’s really nice ti read. So my decision,

I hereby pledge not to read fanfiction till May 2021

There I said it. I have to do this now. Been struggling with this for a while because it distracts me and takes away my time.

Edit: Definition for my personal clarity- fanfic is any form of fiction that is on any fanfiction site at all in the internet, whether the official site or some others.

Day 8 is a great day to do this. Why?

Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

Right now I am discouraged because of my marks. My goal for this month is to work till I am proud of my marks.

Goal progress: 5%

5%- because I have pledged not to read fanfiction

Soli Deo Gloria


My goals

These are my goals. They are what I wish to achieve by May 2021. After that I can relax for sometime. But not before.

What I am to make reality by May 2021

1. Get a great NEET score.

2. Write my Trinity Grade 8 Piano exams well.

3. Publish at least 4 more articles on famous websites. And publish 3 pieces of digital art.

4. Work on my basketball game so that it’s college team level again.

These are my goals. I have put them out so that I am accountable to you guys for them. Thank you guys for your support. Love y’all :heart:

We can beat this PMO together. Let’s do this.

Goals? Time to achieve them.

Soli Deo Gloria


Hey bros @muradelizade06 @edistoretto
How hard would it be to get well developed abs(like 6 packs or something) ? I work out now and have decent abs(4 packs). I wanted to make that also a goal but wanted advice on whether it was achievable…I’m an ectomorph. Kindly recommend routines if you have them.


The well defined abs are sure possible to get. But you should give rest to your abs, too.
Like every muscle training, you should start up with basics and warm - ups.
Start your day with running. As much as you want, but not tiring yourself out much. You don’t need to run as long as you have soreness in your abs. This is just for losing fat.
Go for basic ab exercises. Try to challenge yourself.
Don’t forget to add exercises that trains your obliques. Such as Russian twist, weighted variation, side plank and many more. Next time do a different, harder variation, or add up more sets or reps, add timer needed exercises like plank ( is a very good exercise both for your abs and deltoids ).
Everything is gonna get easier along the time, just keep in mind to be patient. Getting defined abs are not easy. I also am trying my best to get better at it. I also have 4 defined packs, well defined obliques.
Keep working, bro.