Ash_Matt's journal [From ashes to flames]

Thank you for your advice bro!
Does running help abs?
I was thinking- I work on abs on Mondays and Thursdays- here’s my plan:

  1. If running helps, I’ll do it as a warm up and cool down after working out

  2. This is my current routine for abs-
    A. 35 Reverse crunches
    B. 50 Russian twists
    C. 45 Sit up presses
    D. 30 Toe touches
    E. 30 suitcases
    I do these with a 3 kg dumbell.

  3. Should I add more sets? Or more reps?

  4. Should I increase weight to 6kgs?

Could you please PM me the response @muradelizade06 ? Don’t need to discuss all this in my diary :sweat_smile:

Also what about planks? How long should I do those as a break from time to time? 3-5 minutes is decent?


My opinion is different on this. I’ve been training for around 5 years in the gym (before that only soccer and basketball) and I rather do compound movements, which target more muscles in my body, rather than focusing on one particular muscle group (in this case, obliques and abdominal muscles).

If you want my point of view on this, I’d gladly tell you more in PM.


I’d love to hear more from you via PM @edistoretto ! The advice would be greatly appreciated!
I do agree that compound exercises are better for ectomorphs. Do you think I should incorporate some into my plan? Do PM.
Thanks again!


Keep doing brother! :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:


Day 0

I peeked and read fanfiction. :frowning:
Why can’t I be more self controlled :cry:

I will take encouragement from @FlowForCourage . Thank you. I will rise up.


I don’t feel so good today. I’m not studying as I should, but I am stuck here due to my laziness and indiscipline. I need to work. I will do so.
Sleeping early to get up early and beast out :muscle:
Thanks @Aoshigreen @FlowForCourage @edistoretto @Dean_Ambrose @nofapstar123 for the encouragement and help :slight_smile:


Day 1

Finished a couple of exams. I feel that I did well. How I have a big exam next week. So many exams!

There were still urges. Today I kinda peeked but I’m not counting as relapse because as soon as I opened the tab I closed it because I couldn’t even beat to see it. I was feeling a bit nauseous actually from seeing it.

I’ll post more when I cross 7 days. Its hard for me because even peeking I am counting as relapse. So I may often reset my counter just because of peeking.

But I know that one day I will cross 90 days. And that streak can start today.


What is your age @Ash_Matt? Are you indian by nationality?

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This is called Spirit. Like it. Carry on bro. :facepunch:


Bro I’m 17.
Yep Bro @SincereDev I’m an Indian and proud of it :india:
Jai Hind!

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Thanks brother @MM2020
You are a real source of encouragement. Nit onky in my diary, which I appreciate a lot, but also in many others diaries you are there to support them.
Kudos to you!


Inertia and Momentum

I believe that where I want to be right now regarding exams is somewhere analogous to a race car moving at great speeds. But to get there,

  1. I need to beat the inertia
  2. I need to maintain the speed
  3. I need to accelerate

I am on step 1 now. It is the hardest step, since inertia is very hard to beat. A body already in motion tends to stay in motion, but you need force to make a body of rest enter motion.

So I am going to work hard. I must beat this inertia. Its a do or die for me.

Will post on steps 2 and 3 when I get there.

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Here a very simple trick: just start for only 2 minutes :slight_smile:

Your brain doesn’t like change. So if you can baffle it with a “2-min doing”… Once in the task, it will not want to change activity again and you will be able to benefit from new inertia which will be, this time, to your advantage.


Yes @FlowForCourage I agree :slight_smile:
The two minute rule is a great tool to use. Unfortunately, even though I use it, my main weapon is self discipline. There’s a limit to which hacks work, becuase I’ve tried.
Thanks :blush: