Artist's Challenge (ENTRIES OPEN)

Hello all of you wonderful people, and welcome to another challenge!!!

(And before I go any further, dw I’m still moderating the 90 days group, and I’m working on making that more functional.) As a few of you may know I’m an artist, and lately I’ve been getting more into my artistic side, and opening up to new styles of art. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m excited to (hopefully) get to work with a couple of you guys! This isn’t a NoFap challenge this is a challenge for an aspect of life that may direct you away from urges. Art can be super relaxing or it can frustrate you if you’re a perfectionest like me so be careful.

Here’s dem rulz

  • Try and make art at least once a week, and post it here
  • Try and help other people to improve their art
  • Have fun with it!!! There are no limits! (EXCEPT THAT IT CANNOT BE PORN)

Possible questions

  • Is this limited to just paper and pencil? Nahhh! Bro if you wanna do something like write an original song that’s totally dope!! Do any form of art you want! You be you!
  • My image size is too big! How do I upload it now? It should be pretty easy to find an app or a website that can shrink down the size of your photo like adobe has some free apps that can do that I think
  • How would I upload music? Make a private youtube video and link it here, or make it public for all the world to hear your beautiful creation!!
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I’m in the challenge bro ,

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@subrat777 Lit!!! Stoked to see what you make man!

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I’m in bro ,i can do some artistic thing

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I am in brother. I was eagerly waiting for someone who takes up initiative for this kind of challenges. I am having a You Tube channel and I was wanting to have a strong reason to continue with it. So I am in.

And Thank you for taking initiative regarding this.


@risinglion123 Yeah man ofc! Excited to see what you can do!!

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This is how I choose to start up the challenge. This is the first of many I will draw of Jesus. Hopefully I’ll get better at this, but this was just a quick sketch and a good start.


Hey @subrat777 @risinglion123 Any cool art to share? And to anyone else reading this I’d love for you to share some art, and entries are always open!!!

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I am Sorry bro. I was busy for an entire week. And also I was tested positive yesterday. So I have to take rest till next day. I will never let you down buddy. I am working on it whenever I get a free time. I am currently focusing on a song and if everything goes well. It will be ready within a month.


Just keeping the challenge alive considering there are only two members lol. Entries are still always open and I’d love to see y’alls creativity!! Best wishes on your journey!!!

Brother please add my name in this art challenge.
I’m also interested in art and i will send my art daily.

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@Paarth369 Of course! Glad to have you here!

Drawn Charizard Y ( Pokemon character ) when I got free time :sweat_smile:

The real picture

Minor mistakes are present but I just started with this. For me , this is a great accomplishment :relieved:


Dude that’s litttt!!! Love that! I’ll draw Charizard X when I’m free how about that?


Hello. I have personal target but havent reach it yet, maybe play few song in keyboard. Can i post it next week lol. Nice seeing you guys make art challenge thou

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Absolutely! Post it whenever you want. This challenge is pretty chill so do whatever man!