Arthur89's Diary - 100 Days To Be An Alpha

It’s My Third Time Doing Nofap after relapsed 2 times. And i will make sure that i will achieve 100 days of No FAP! This year my age change to 30, and i hope i can stop my bad habit before my birthday.


Day 3 of 100
I feel some urges in the morning, peeking and searching some hot video. But i remember that i still have this app, and read some motivation. I feel motivated again and i ll do my best to achieve 100 days of nofap.

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Keep going!
Be cautious of urges, stay motivated, do some good work, learn sth new :wink:
I’m with you bro

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hello Arthur,
I can highly recommend you setting up a decent porn/internet blocker for your phone and laptop. It must not be that easy for you to ‘peek and search for hot photos’. You lay a basis for your reboot with this.
I wish you all the best for your recovery and hope you reach a good streak before your birthday!


Day 4 of 100

I don’t have any lust again when i peek some video. Actually, yesterday i have a bad day and some problem in my job. I really wanted to watch some video to make me relax. But i remembered that its just give me short term happiness not a real happiness.

I really want see the real.happiness in my life. i want to know how people deal problem witbout PMO. I want to change…


Day 5 of 100

Oh my… why i peek so much! Peeking and searching ‘weird’ video is really make me happy for a little bit. I am not relapsed yet…

But if i keep doing this habit, maybe i wll not survive until 100 days. I’ll find a way to get rid of it…


Day 6 of 100

This morning, i want to relapsed so much, but i push myself to walk… Yes. I walk for 1,5 hours.

I hope i can survive from this urges…


Day 7 of 100

I am really glad that youtube is not working well as usual in my place today. I used to search weird video and get urges in the morning. But today, i can’t do that. I hope youtube still get error until i finished my 100 days challenge


Day 8 of 100

Exhausted… yes i am really exhausted. i can’t sleep yesterday because i have urges after peeking a video. i know its my fault… but fortunately i am not masturbate. I just feel high for a moment. But it make me really sick. I keep imagine the video scene and can’t sleep at all…

Now i am in my office, feel so tired… can’t focus to work. I hope i am not making the same mistake in the future


Day 9 of 100

Must endure it all… my longest streak is just 9 days. And now i am in my 9 days again with high urges. I need to keep my mind controlled, and sure will break my record


Day 9 of 100 (Part 2)

The only thing that makes me motivated is this diary. Yeah, i do really want to relapsed right now if i want. But i have promise to stop it and i have make a diary that i will survive until 100 days of nofap…

It will embarrased me, if i don’t continue this dairy. Many poeple in this group will laugh at me and i will not have any courage to post anything again…

Nofap is really hurt, but i don’t want to lose. I don’t want to break my promise.

I must finish what i did


Day 10 of 100

Today i feel so weak. No motivation, no energy at all. I never like this, when i work. And the urges is still exist, but it comes and go.


Congratulation for 10 Days arthur…you can do it… Just Trust yourself. Just look how far have you come…And dont look back now. You are doing great. Uninstall all browsers from your phone and Install spin browser (filter bad websites)…

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thank you for your support… actually in this 10th day, i dont feel so much urges like yesterday. yesterday was a hell and today i don’t get high so easily.

But still i kinda feel sad… i dont know why but i feel so sad

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you are healing …you are feeling sad due to dopamine withdrwal…just keep going…

Day 11 of 100
Da*n. Why i feel so sad. I never expected that flatline will make me so sad like this. Usually i answer people question with confidence. But now i feel so scared, i feel so stupid and really want to cry without any particular reason

Day 12 of 100

The urges attack in the morning, right after i wake up. I really dont believe that i almost relapsed again. But i can hold myself, take a shower and prepare to work as fast as i can. After i get out from my house, the urges was gone. I survive from this challenge this morning

Next two day is weekend and i need a strategy to defend myself…

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Day 13 of 100

Wake up early in the morning, get ready for the adventure! Today i will go to the other city with my friends by trains. We are going to our friend’s wedding tommorow. Hope it will be great journey…

Day 15 of 100

Morning urges is the most dangerous thing… be careful dude. You can pass all of this

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Day 17 of 100

Yesterday i almost relapsed… i really want to masturbate but suddenly my mom phone me, and we talk about 30 - 40 minutes. And i lost my interest to masturbate.

Today, high urges still spying on me. I hope i can survive until 100 days