Arnavdidit's Diary - Going to make through it

Have been trying to get over this addiction for a while but relapses were more easy to succumb to. It’s hard to get rid of an addiction when you are going through it alone. But with people around sharing their stories it keeps you on track.

Stumbled upon a NoFap video by luck and started going through the topic. While viewing videos and reading people’s transformation stories got some motivation and first of all got rid of all the porn. Then got this miracle of an app and just started the counter.
It’s just DAY 1 and I didn’t have any urge today.
Hoping to make achieve my goal of 90 days. Just need the motivation and will power to go on
Add me cef6b4 and help me through this journey


Join the alpha family bro…we’re here to support each other

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Day 2 completed… Had some pretty strong urges but did jump ropes instead and made through it. The feeling after resisting the urge is amazing and this is just Day 2.
I wonder what it will be like when more and more days pass by.

Day 4 completed: I thought the urges would increase but through meditation and deleting all the thrash everywhere I am happy to say that I am very much in control of my urges.
I don’t know why but since I have started NoFap, I have been having an hour or so extra in my hand :raised_hand: . It feels really cool cause now I can do something productive out of that hour other than completing my study schedules. I always wanted to learn guitar and I have started investing that 1 hour in my guitar lessons .
A tip for going through without relapses… Delete all that P you have on you laptops mobiles and see the difference.
And whenever you feel the urge just think that is that pleasure of 5 minutes better than having control on your life and turning it around.
I know it’s very early to say that it’s so rejuvenating to try NoFap but trust me even 4 days show results.

Day 10 Completed
The happiness on accomplishing this has no bounds.
From Highest Streak of 2 days to 10 days .
It’s just a start of one long journey to reboot my brain, to break the chains of losing my time to PMO and getting productive day by day.
Escaping from PMO for past 10 days I have learnt 6 guitar chords for me time well spent
Thankyou my fellow companions for helping me reach day 10
Now towards 20/90 :innocent: :beers: