Are you actually ready to socialise?

Sharing code - Doesnt really matter but anyway its d37514

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Why I want a companion - Been a time since I have joined this app and wanted to talk about this. See the thing is I already have companions in this app. But I am not looking for adding companions in this app anymore if I cant even chat with them and help them out or get help as well. They all just look like robots to me who do well at times or relapse. Hell yeah I already knew that I am not alone in this world thats going through porn/fap addiction and wants to withdraw. Anyway if there is a way to chat in this app let me know lol, but what I really feel is that I need a real companion right now. Someone I will get to know personally and can walk on this self healing journey for a life time. Someone I can count on as a pen friend and not a stranger. To me it doesnt matter if youre asian, white , black, gay, female, male, 14 yo, 36 yo as long as you really need help or youre gonna help me out. And yes one of the benefits of no fap is that you get more social, right? So lets make a group on Instagram, whatsapp or something and socialise with each other, share each others stories or talk about each others daily life or anything. Lets actually become friends and clean ourselves up from this mess. If people are actually up for this, lemme know which is better, Instagram, Whatsapp? And lemme know your username or your number to add ya up :blush: also any negativity in the group will not be tolerated :grin: Peace!


I am aware of the major problem of the my companions section, no chat. I am working on it and it will come in the future updates.


We already have a NoFap group on WhatsApp. Open link in your browser and join us. @Itachiuchiha99


Add me 65feff. Ill be your "real"companion. My gmail is [email protected], write me, then Ill send you my phone. You also can join our whats app nf gentelmeen chat.

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That would be the coolest thing ever. I’m excited to see that update. We really need a chat messenger. But I hope it will support unlimited message history from the beginning.

A chat will be perfect C:

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It most probably will, still have to see how the server usage costs are keeping tons of chat data (delivery and processing too), in the beta testing.


Check how gitter, discord and WhatsApp do it. I hope that could be helpful. But I’m not sure if I’m the right person to say this. So pardon me :grin:

My code is cf9a15. While there is no chat, you can still send private messages to people.

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