Are you a Man of God 🌹

Bhai same mera sath hota hain. Main us video type ka name yaha nahi lunga nahi to koi use dekhne ke chakar mein relapse ho jayenga.
Par same tune jaise kaha

New videos konsi aayi hain. Yeh to bahut khatrnak Trick hain Mind Ki.

@BruceLee bhai nai bahut aacha mention kiya hain.

Mind Game hi hain yeh sara.
Mind kabhi bhi hum par hawi nahi hona chaye. Aatma hamesha jeetni chaye.

Mind should not ever take place of Soul. Whenever mind takes wrong place. It currupts us.
Master Master hota hain.
Bruce lee bhai ne ek or badiya bat ki hain.

Bhai yeh hi to hain Sexual Transmutation. Tu sexual Energy ko dusro kammo mein use karta hain.

Ek bat bata Do you excercise also ?


By reading your profile. You have mentioned that you got wet dreams every 8 days on an average.

I want to say that dont worry about it. It doesnt give shock to central nervous system like real sex/masturbation does.
Second. It is natural process by which prostate juice is expelled out of the body. The frequency of wet dreams will reduce as you ages.

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Plz make comment 16 as ScoreBoard.

I’ve moved the scoreboard to the second comment as it will be easier to access for everyone.


Day 1

No Urges.
Feeling good and positive.
Had banana shake , lassi , namkeen chawal , chapati.
Done Rope Skipping as anerobic excercise.
Spent time with family.


Share with us your initial days… like your first month of nofap.

Bro. When you did 40 day streak, tell me what was the situation when
You are just lying on bed and urges comes . What you did there ?
In 40 days there were days when you encountered that urge.

Update your streak in scoreboard.
Tell me how was your day ? Any Urges ?

You can do this bro.
One day at a time.

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Lets talk about your 40 day streak.

You are close to your previous best.
Keep going.
Update your streak bro.

How was the day ?

Iam still on my second day, iam feeling great iam gonna dedicate my life for this journey and on helping people out, my longest streak was 35 i want to go back to those days and continue my journey never the less i feel good thanks for asking


You are always welcome to share your queries & thoughts on this journey.

This journey is not going to be easy. Believe me.
Suffering before Success is The motto.

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Indeed brother this is not an easy road but it is the right one.


What is this mr moussa 18 ?
Whats your country ?

Iam from lebanon my friend


Is Lebanon in Europe ?
Whats your age ?
Are you married ?

No its in asia its an arab country
Iam 16 years old (i know you will surprised that iam here in such a young age but i want to adress this problem at a young age so my future would be bright)


Day 3, I feel energetic and iam not in a bad mood nor tired not even urges are coming i have a Basketball match today and iam confident i will win.