Are we really addicted?

I was wondering if porn addiction is real, so i started reading about it.

This helps me a lot about understanding our brain and gives a other perspective on what we call a porn addiction.
Maybe its time for us to see it less as a addiction (what is more discouraging) and more like we need to see less porn and enjoy life more, we got better things to do then to think that we are out of control.
We are just people with needs and not a some depraved porn addict who can’t control its self as some people, recovery sites, porn make us believe.
we are no monsters we are just people who can make mistakes, now lets learn about it.

This what i think about it and what i learned about porn addiction, if someone has questions about this just pm me i want to help people getting a better grip on their life :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this. The conclusions seem dubious to me on two counts:

  1. Showing a picture containing sexual content and showing a picture containing narcotics are not comparable phenomenon. For the former, the act of viewing itself constitutes consumption, whereas for the latter, the picture only creates anticipation of and drive towards consumption. It seems fairly obvious to me that those are two different types of actions, and so I don’t know how the LPP response could be interpreted the way they seem to have done in the article. Indeed, one could argue that problematic porn users are typically more desensitized to sexual imagery than others, which could explain the ‘opposite’ LPP response that was observed.

  2. Secondly, addiction is usually defined in behavioral terms, e.g., inability to control usage and negative life outcomes. It could have neurological correlates, but their absence or dissimilarity does not necessarily mean that a behavior does not constitute addiction.

So I would say excessive porn usage constitutes addiction at least in the sense of a strong “repetition compulsion.” The authors of the study in your article themselves caution that they are not implying that porn usage is not problematic.

However I agree with your message that we do not have to label ourselves as addicts, nor should we use such a label as an excuse for our inability to come out of negative behaviors.


I disagree with that study. Look at this page, it has articles that claim otherwise:

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I see where you’re coming from with wanting to think this isn’t an addiction. It feels like you give it power, but for me I never really took it serious enough until I treated it like a real addiction. Yes maybe for some people it isn’t an addiction but for others it is.


I disagree with that study as well because they were showing stilled images to people. When almost all of us with this addiction are used to videos. High streaming videos, the mind to react different. When’s the last time you actually masturbated to a still image. It’s not that exciting… as an ex excessive drinker and cocaine user and marijuana and cigarette smoker, hands down say that this is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to beat. It has me feeling exactly like when I quit cocaine. So I think it’s BS when they say it’s not an addiction. Because your dopamine levels rise when you view pornography just like any other addiction


I won’t say anything, just watch this video:-

Case closed!


Amen… Yes. Thank you for that post #aapoorv75


@germany-rock & my other fellow companions… one thing i found common among all of your posts is… The link, The Website, The Video. If anywhere in the world something is written … you people think that it is a trustable source because it is written. & by whom … it is written… they are also humans like you & me. I would suggest go with your personal experience.

If you ask me …

I realised i was addicted & things were going on auto-pilot within first 3 months of my pmo habit that was … when i was 14 years old… and first time i started masturbation.

Case closed. :blush:


I 100% know we are addicted, i have been battling this stuff for a while now and its definetly an addction and a malicous one too, because you can get by the clicks of a few buttons thats it

Ps i like how everyone is respectfull towards each others opinion