Are we living life on auto pilot?

I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


Yes …
This confession it’s hard but it is important too , I know I am just like to clap for this words it’s so right and clear .

But you know what ??

Change it’s not easy … and I am so ok that change is for those whom act with force and with brave …
But my weak side right now want to say that it’s not easy this strrugles it’s not easy to swim in your deeps or even to accept to change …

Let me share with you , where I am now and how I see my situation :

Now I can’t come back to my past routine (my tries to be healthy … specially workout - meditation - healthy food and with fix times )
I know there are another things I can enjoy with and life does not stop because I didn’t do those or even to be regular with something of …
You will understand more by explaining the followed words

Now all my thinking is I was happy by doing this and in some days I do this , I know that I am doing great with no fap
But I also blame myself … why you can’t do this for now , you did this at past you can do it now …
Yes yes I know your answer

flatine # and there are something personal happened in my life of course … life is not fap and porn only …

Don’t bother yourself about my thoughts I just shared it and
What I found that concept " life is lines you start from point to another and for the second line you must accept change your way , no one will give you cheat you , you have to accept the new line or let me say you have to change cards , if your routine was … Then you have to think about .-.-.-.- and maybe ./././././

Many of possibilities , believe me it come for me right now while writing to you , I still not knowing what I have to but I will try to do my best .

Thanks for reading this . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hand:


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