Are there metalheads in this community?

I’m a big fan of rock and metal music - it keeps me going and provides me with the solitary motivation that I need. I just want to know are there any fellow rock and metal music enthusiasts in this community?
If so , please respond and also share your favourite music. I need recommendations.

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Oh yeah here big rock fan!!

Sure here is my favorite bands.

If you don’t mind some german music.

  1. Rammstein. ( Deutschand)

  2. Eisbrecher ( Kann denn liebe sunde sein)

  3. Kraftklub ( Zu jung zum rock and roll)

Well they are my favorites now well for english.

  1. Metallica ( Enter sand man)

  2. Arctic monkeys ( are u mine?)

  3. Muse ( Uprising.)

Well too much to mention these are the bands that pop in my head with my fav songs from them.


@Cubenix I am a big fan of Rammstein . Till Lindemann is one hell of an artist.
I’m kinda into Gojira and Tool nowadays , their deep philosophical subject matter helps me tremendously to kill urges.

Also , I also love Metallica ( but not as much as Megadeath :sweat_smile: , sorry James Hetfield)


What are some of your favourite songs?

@Cubenix It’s a really tough question to answer.
Nowadays , I’m listening to like the entire discography of Maynard James Keenan ( the vocalist of TOOL) , and I’m really liking his style.

Also , majority of the music of the band System Of A Down, Slipknot , Behemoth is what I jam to.
To name a few of my favourite song :
The Passenger by Deftones
Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana
Spiders , Soldier Side by System Of A Down
The Pot by TOOL
Art Of Dying by Gojira

Anyone listening to cattle decap?

@666wariacina Il
Yeah , that and Infant Annihilator
But it’s a little bit too extreme to make it to my daily playlist :sweat_smile: