Are nofap benefits same for both men and women?

I would like to ask the women here about the kind of benefits they noticed. I came to know my gf is also on nofap, but not intentionally, for months now. However when I tell her about the benefits she doesn’t seem to enjoy any of those. So is it really sex specific?

Women in this community, please let me know.


This video clears the doubt about women in nofap…

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Hey ,
First of all no fap it’s the difficult equation you can do for yourself ,
@Abhi93 masterbation or porn it’s like having *** with devil …
Yes like I said … And much more …
The journey is not easy to keep your balance but everyone here man or woman know exactly that no way only no fap It is the salvation of all this trouble … because masterbation and porn is not never a choice and by reading in here many of stories she will get that benefit but tell her don’t give up for this evil .

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