Are benefits for real?

To be honest I was quite sceptical about the nofap/semen retention benefits. I just started trying it out to get away from my compulsive behaviour. Als those benefits are just made up stuff by guys to motivate themselves- or so I thought.
I made it to day 8 before giving in to the urge yesterday. And honestly, today I feel much more anxious (as often before), my mental focus is gone, i feel like drained of energy and oddly enough my voice is floppy and seems a bit higher than yesterday (although that might be my imagination)
I also feel a lot more calm since that massive urge is gone- but I’m pretty sure that changes in a day or two…

So honestly… is it just my imagination after seeing all those semen retention vids on Youtube, or is it for real that i feel so bad and lost after relapsing- and have felt that way for most of my life?

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Benefits are Real.

To experience them. First, You must lose them. Its like a fish can only know the importance of water when it is thrown out of it. The fish agitates on shore. It jumps in anxiety so that it can get back to the ocean.


Benefits are in the sense, we will all be in the state of growth, mental and cerebral maturity we were supposed to be in at our age if we hadn’t indulged in PMO so much. The pathways will still exist, but would be weaker and almost non-existent as you go for extended periods with better pleasures.

When we PMO, all of us are in the negative part of the line. As we rewire, we tend more and more towards zero. If we do other things along with just quitting porn, this movement is faster, and we can get to positives quicker, ie see benefits quicker. So in a sense, NoFap is from negative to zero then to positive. Once you hit zero point, and make some positive impact on yourself and life, easier will the benefits come.

Bottom line, don’t expect X-Ray vision, teleportation or super strength :joy::joy:. All of us will turn to normal people without this weird habit, and if you see that as “benefits” or “superpowers” is entirely upto you. :partying_face:


To be honest the initial days are probably worse than those when you were on PMO. The sudden withdrawal makes you feel like shit.

But when compared to pmo for multiple years, a week is too quick to find any observable benfits.

TLDR: Benefits will be visible. Patience is the key.


Odd usaully by day 7 for me I felt more energised focused, in a good mood. It may differ from guy to guy. But feeling anxious is probably all in the mind as to what others might think of me for relapsing as well as ypu mifht also feel you let yourself down on a certain goal to achieve.

Urges do feel bad at first and all of nofap feels bad at first and seem skeptical about it and also anxious as to the changes due to urges and stuff, but it is all good.

Compare it to exercise, you don’t lose 1 kg or 1lbs for example directly after your very first exercise, no it takes time for ypu body to burn you calories you have in excess and then it works on your fats. Maybe you might see changes after a week or so depending on how long you exercise and the intensity thereof.

The same for nofap in a way, but since it is a habit you have withdrawal symptoms as wel as remember your body is use to the habit as a factor and it will definitely affect your hormone levels sexual hormones, also your “feel good hormones” and especially the reward centre of your brain and that’s also the release of dopamine.

So you got your dose of dopamine and that’s why you feel good and ‘normal’ because the habit is done and you got your fix.

In time you’ll start to notice changes like if you workout your muscles might grow a bit faster as your body gets a boost of testosterone. Or your hair grows faster in some. Etc. Some changes are small but you’ll notice it.

The down side to it is you hit a flatline and sadness due to this hormone imbalances.

It will sort it self out the longer your streaks last.

Also the best thing about it aswell is the time as the time you might have used to watch porn you could watch a awesome tutorial on a hobby of yours like games, or instrument you play or something odd like how to solve a rubiks cube.

You can rather skill yourself up then to watch porn.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome


Day 46 for me - clear skin, more energy, intense focus, intense drive to reach my goals, less anxious when speaking to girls ( I actually got a girl during this streak),… Most important benefit for me was - creative thinking due to mind clearance. I feel peacefull. I am in the Now, in the present.

Benefits are real. I don’t know whether they’re just psyhological tricks, but hey… as long as they work, I won’t complain:)


Benefits are real. For me it’s a clearer mind, more focus, glow to skin, deepening of voice and getting more built and being more confident overall.
If you reached day 8 on hard NoFap you would have passed day 7. You would’ve felt super energised in day 7, as your testosterone levels would be 145%>
Don’t excuse yourself to PMO saying benefits aint real. You can do this.


Good bro. Hope you keep this up.:slightly_smiling_face:
But I want to say that these are not benefits , these are normal part of you. What I mean to say is like when we get sick our nosetril closes , at first we struggle and then slowly adjust to it , similarly when we are too much in pmo we slowly lose our core powers and adjust to it but when we start to recover we feel those to be super benifits.
But it doesn’t mean that if you again start pmo after long time you will again lose your benefits. No , it don’t happen that fast .
But don’t do that
That’s it .


Day 0-10
You will feel that energy but you will also feel some deep urges, My longest urge was of 4 hrs, It was erecting continuous and sexual thoughts were going on inside my mind.

Day 10-20
You will feel higher lvl of energy and you will feel like SUPERMAN. But remember dont peek or watch some models, you will relapse.

Day 20-40
Guess what this is the Flatline!
What is this sh*t? In this period you will be depressed like hell, so plz take help from your love ones.

You are back to normal. Congo, but with more Energy. :heart:

Just stop Porn and go ahead and never look back!!!

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Hey there I must also add I have relapsed on my long streak and well notice that my performance and overall experience was much more intense and has improved. The quality and the quantity of the climax was the best I ever felt than I would usaully have had, it didn’t felt dead like I would normally be in the habit of fapping, but intense and good more enjoyable. Also have a nice srock hard boner and it lasted longer too.

Yeah I know a bit too detailed, but true. It is bad to relapse yeah, but I did it intentionally for a challenge as I still have much to learn and discover on how to make solid good advice as well as prove that this is truely a journey to fight for! We are definitely also here to heal ourselves sexually and obviously any benefits like this is also worth mention. Also nice morning woods that last longer it kickstarts your day on a fantastic note. So no worries about ED it also will heal.

Sorry guys for this post, but like I said it is worth knowing what happens in the sex department too since this journey is about sexual healing!

Stay strong and awesome and good luck !

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