Are all the information we give in this forum safe and protected?


Hi Everyone. I was asking myself if all the information we give in this forum and app are safe. As we expose/uncover ourselves writing down sometimes our deep feelings I was just wondering if we can trust that all is kept safe and protected. Thanks.

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Fide, mio fratello!

Doubts? Just don’t reveal everything.
It’s not necessary.
Sometimes I might start writing something, but not post, as I’ve wrote the things I’ve needed to contemplate in my mind. Peace


No not at all because in this world you cant even trust your brother.
Keep your identity secret… :sunglasses:


Nothing like that . …

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The good thing about this forum is that it is anonymous! Imagine that you are in another dimension and feel free express your problems with pmo, which maybe you would not share with anyone. As long as you dont share your location or personal data, everything is fine :wink:


Your email id is never revealed to anyone, as long as you don’t post any personal info and choose an anonymous username, your info will be safe and unattached from you.


I think everything is safe here. We are not telling our bank info. Even if we become president in future and someone finds our success story here, it will be inspirational only. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is more like cowardice than right to privacy. There is nothing dangerous in telling at least our name. If we don’t even have courage to tell our name, how will we have courage to do nofap?