[Apkf Thoughts] My relapse..sad

so after 8 days I relapsed

after the first fap did not feel the guilt…but then went on a binge and felt bad

It was same old story of me taking things lightly and not being motivated…topics shifted from the usual things on mobile phone to the porn and then it happened.

During the past 8 days…I was able to more closely notice my emotions…I was very angry in the morning for a silly reason and it haunted me till afternoon…so definitely affective control is also a problem in me…

I will now again have to go that cycle…sad…but I am motivated…because relapse is part of recovery

after this relapse two more learning points… I ll add

  1. it is a problem treat it…it is high time
  2. not every experience in life u should have.
  3. never be alone in the house.
  4. mobile to be used in living room
  5. self discipline and plan
  6. Every morning and affirm yourself that I will leave ot
  7. be firm and very firm
  8. when you are having a negative emotion take a pause.( do u mindfulness, watch comedy vids, listen to song etc.)
  9. keep your life simple…don’t make it complicated

love you and everyone


Love you too.

Bro… staying alone and having a phone… are not the reason for a relapse… atleast for me… because from past 14 days i am alone in my room and play games on my phone.

In my opinion… in order to RISE UP… we must kill ourself psychologically.

When addicted self dies… New self can be born.


Don’t be hard on yourself, everyone relapse… but they learn from their mistakes…and
it’s more important how you react to the negative emotions which leads to Masturbation to you.
In above list👆 I can say self discipline and strategy is very important to achieve anything in life… So if you follow your schedule with time management… Then nobody can stop you…
Even I can say staying positive in every situation gives you will power to fight hard. You can solve any problem by having a patience.
Belief is most important in everyone’s life because
If your beliefs are positive then you make your day positive…

When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. when you change the way you feel, you change the way you act. when you change the way you act, you change your life. It starts by changing the way you…??


from yesterday the urges had mounted to an another level…They were very intense in the afternoon…my thoughts were taken away and overcomes by the urges… was not able to think rationally and was irritable…getting boners.

I had end up relapsing…sorry my friends and esp companion I let u down…

God please give me strength to fight back this cycle of addiction

I don’t, as in my previous relapses I am not feeling guilty but a little relieved of the mad thoughts which were going

Learning from the relapse…is that I should have taken time out did something else.( meditation, running etc.)

friends my family please guide me.


Urges shall come again…they come in waves :ocean:
.know how to ride them

The earlier you deal with them better it is