Aoshigreen's - Diary


Thanks dude,
Your little pray saved me from an episode :smile:


3 August 2018 - Evening

I pmo relapsed.

Really! don’t fjecking “edge”
You fudging dumbass!
It’s makes mind stoopid

Most often than not,
We look because of Lust,
With intent we look.

We don’t kill Lust at it’s core.
We valid it, We relate to it, We reason with it.
We’ve already failed.

It always leads to those images swirling around in your head. Difficult to deal with, you try to, inevitably fail and pmo to escape -
Don’t argue, Don’t edge


I feel you need to calm yourself… fapping is not going to help you cope with the frustration…you need to make a breakthrough…else you will end up getting deeper into the mess…
Take care bro…Do not give up!!!


Thanks man :pray:
I won’t “give up” any suffering/struggles to lustful actions.


Now its your turn AoshiGreen, make that red counter green!


As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”. That’s all.


Keep going man :+1: But just remember that you are accountable for your own actions.


Monday 6 August 2018

Struggling to get back into the mindset


@jesture55 @Aoshigreen

At this point, however many relapses later, my question is: Why don’t ya’ll wanna quit PMO? Is living in a cloud of darkness really that appealing?


Just keep fighting. Relapse after a long streak is hard. your body and brain will crave for it. Your brain will not feel tired or bored coz you abstain it for a period of time. For the moment just always be on gurad. Don’t think too much and just focus for today/present how not relapse or avoid triggers. Make achievable list. Perhaps after a certain number of days (3 days maybe?) Upgrade those list and make goals.
Just don’t make big plan or goal as of now, you are in emotional turmoil and your brain will not help you. We don’t want another relapse. Just take small steps for the moment.


The real battlefield for temptations is the mind.
Sensual thoughts and fantasies keep crowding the mind. You need to nip it at the bud. Don’t allow these to take control over you. Claim the power of the Blood of Jesus constantly to sheild you from such thoughts and urges. Keep yourself engaged in doing something creative. Try to take up some hobbies. Remember you are created for greater things. Try to seek the ultimate purpose and meaning in life. God has a plan for you…try to find out what he wants from you. There is hope for you bro…don’t worry…


I’m doing fine today.
I’m completely back on the horse!
@WoundedWarrior… Yes and Amen!
Christ alone is my guide!

Thank you again for your encouragement!
Compassionate people never fail!
Especially @dori for being a close companion!

@Luffychwan I hear you!
And thank you for posing the question,
“Why do you want to quit pmo?”
Going back to basics will ultimately make us stronger as we question our motives.

I want to detest my sin,
I want a rebirth,
I want to want to become a Saint,
but I’m just not there at the moment to fully understand what it is I’m asking.
So, I’m quitting because I’m placing my trust in Jesus, and nothing else.


Welcome @escape42!
We’re all siblings regardless of race or creed!


I relapsed last night and this morning.

The simple kind, hopeful message I got from @dori was helpful.

Sorry I can’t say anything else positive at the moment.

The only thing I know is true is; my mind and spirit is best when I’m abstaining, even when things are tough.


Saw this today via a Rewire Companion.


Everybody is smoking weed, sitting in their rooms glued to the TV
“come on man, stop being so uptight, join us”
Is how it feels and has been said a few times.

So I left for Church with some self-righteous anger. Walking about with a screw face looking like a pillock, I quickly realised:

Let Love be the basis of that anger.

Don’t be angry at people,
be angry at those hidden forces that govern us.


Something I found a Rewire Companion shared


Porn/Youtube & Instagram bimbos are NOT an option!

Girls/Women acting/dressing like porn stars is NOT okay!


Why not? Because they are tempting you?
Make sure your willpower is strong and let those girls dress and act the way they want.


If you cant stand 7 days without porn, then try to stand 7 days watching lot of porn. Youll come back to nofap as i did.