Anyone with Addiction to Escorts


So I don’t have a problem with Porn anymore. I have comfortably cut it out and have a huge problem / costly problem with escorts. I am needing to work so much to feed the addiction. Anyone got ideas for quick sex?


I don’t think this is appropriate as it might spark someone in here to start seeking said escorts.

But anyhow lol I would suggest you go to bars/clubs and get your self a few drinks and start socializing with drunk girls. It’s not too hard to score.

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Buddy if your single and rich then there is no problem of what your doing, but this app is for porn addiction.
I would disagree if you were married with children and hired escorts, and coming home to your loving wife and children then that is pretty low mate.
The question is do you feel guilty of what your doing and if you hate it, use your hard earn cash on something better, there is so much things i could think of that is more interesting than sex.

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Ideas for quick sex;
Easy - become an escort yourself.

Or you could go for the other option and get an amazing woman in your life.


You really need meditation man. Sexual desire is destructive, use its flame to kill your enemies and addictions, not to burn yourself to ashes

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