Anyone willing to help a fella in need?

Sharing code - 24mfx4

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 100+ days**
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - Romania

I have relapsed one too many times in the past, but not anymore! I Somehow manage to convince myself that fapping may not be bad sometimes, primarily because the whole medical community says it’s actually good for you.
I kinda believe what I feel though, so I really believe they’re lying, but I just have strong urges sometimes.
If anyone wants to help me out and know me a little better, I’ll try to be online as much as I reasonably can.
And i’ll try to help as well, of course.
Btw, i was addicted to fentanyl during those 100+ days, not sure if that counts as a streak :sweat_smile:

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Hey why not bro I am also on day 3

Awesome! Can you also give me your code?
Also, I’m new to this interface, so… is it possible to PM people? If so, how do i do that?

Is it like on Kik, this thing with codes. You know, we share codes to become friends. Or that wouldn’t make sense here?

bro what is sharing code?

It is found on the companion page. If you use android, it is an orange button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
You will find yours there.
From what I understand, it is used to add followers/friends to your list

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thank you i got it.
here’s its mine please add me
sharing code:1ndlxh

Here’s mine too

[email protected]
You can message me here

Ești din România zici, din ce oraș?

Sunt din Ploiești, tu de unde ești?

Fuck alcohol! It’s making urges much worse, and having sex seems like it’s not enough sometimes… to hell with that shit, no more than a beer from now on

Vaslui. Bine ai venit și eu sunt nou aici. Succes în continuare și cred că ai să reușești să învingi căcatul ăsta de filme porno. :v:

Sex isn’t the same after fucking porn. Stay safe brother.

Yeah, I think you’re right at that…
(Acum ca știu ca esti român e un pic ciudat sa-ti scriu in engleză, haha)

Welcome to the brotherhood, maybe we’ll find more Romanians around. ( Nu-i problema, te susțin în cauză să știi).

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