Anyone who would like to join. What's app group

Hello brothers …I am thinking about to make what’s app group for connecting personal to each other …we can motivate to each other any time …we will post good motivating things and all… Its my opinion to make what’s app group … if anyone interested to this messag on this topic …and if not interested then tell the reason …I am making it for every one not myself


There is already one where people from all over world join

Bro link is not working…I clicked this link and show error url schema… Are you added in this what’s all group …

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Open the url using chrome

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Brazilian WhatsApp group:

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Message this number if you want the link to whatsapp group which has nofap enthusiasts from around the world


Add me to your group bro
Relapsed after 54 days, need foreign friend as a companion.

I want to join. Send me link in inbox or give me number. I want to join …

I want to join
Please send me the link