Anyone who is addicted more than 8 years

Hello brothers I am addicted to this habit last 8.5 years … And it’s completely drained me physically, emotionally and specially mentally … masturbation have led to me near death …my bald head, dark circle near me eyes…full face with acne and dark spot…my memory level zero…no vigorous,no strength in my body… completely fucked up… doctor said to me you will die soon and now you are not like for sex …

My longest streak is 65 days …anyone who want to share his life story … comments on it about your addiction an longest streak


I had been addicted for approx. 11 years

My condition is worse than you.

Dont worry brother Together we both shall Rise Again.


I dont think all you complained is because of fapping. Why are you’ll die though i dont quite understand that part

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Same with me I have this problem since 9 year and my highest streak is 21 days


same here bro addicted since 11 yrs.
started no fap since this january …
i am feeling like um healing fraction wise day by day!
my highest streak was of 21 days … and i havent been able to cross the streak… but this time um damn determined going through damn flatlines nd i have no idea when this fuvking fkatines will end …hope it will end soon

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I havebeen addicted for 11 years .
Started porn at 19 years old and I am now 30.
I have been on and off in the last few years but I do find it now much easier to be weeks and months without it.

Addicted now for 14 years . So I think am going to die soon …

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15-6 years. Started with soft porn, now watching really messed up stuff sometimes. I just relapsed once again, but this time I’ll quit for sure! (100s of failed attempts to quit so far, best streak almost half year without fap/porn, however most of the times I fail in a few days)

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20 years Experience ;)… Please join me in your group 2sov9d is my code