Anyone struggling to forget your ex-girlfriend?

I’m wondering is there any one struggling to move on from the past relationships which has been broken already, I have been struggling to move on from my ex girlfriend for many years and this time I can’t hide this pain anymore, I really want someone to please help me get through from this pain.:sob:


Same here bro, what was happened to us that was very painful but we don’t have any other choice without move on from that. Just accept that it is also happened with us, they cheat us, but belive me don’t try commit suicide or anything just play the game of life sincerely. Wait for right time good things will happend to us when we take charge of our emotion and work. Just remember one thing this the game of life there is no option to back forward and no option to quite the game or change the game only thing is you will die one day. I also struggling to forgot her it’s very hard. But I am trying, just don’t break down emotion and don’t call her anymore. And don’t listen to those sad music it will grow up your pain. And sorry for bad English.


It’s temporary it’ will pass you’ll find someone else and this won’t even matter that much yes you’ll always remember her but it won’t hurt the way it hurts now so no need to worry belive me it’s just temporary instead now is a very good chance to work on yourself not only you’ll grow more strong but become more resilient emotionally

Try and read this book

I’m one of them!
But I’ve made some progress now.
If you’ve been struggling for years I think you have to talk to yourself a lot. Don’t run away from that “pain”, go through it. Unless you don’t go through it you won’t be able to get yourself out!

@simba92 thank you so much!

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@totto_rewire thank you so much! I’ll definitely read that book which you have recommended.

@Nep1234id thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

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For myself I’ve never been in a serious like, real relationship but I have had my heart broken and been hung up on things… I don’t know your spiritual status but I honestly find comfort that GOD had a reason for that to happen… And I find that amazing and comfortable!!! GOD bless you!!

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