Anyone run into size loss?

Wondering if anyone else here experienced size loss as a result of NoFap. Did you get it back? Things are shrinking, and it makes me want to relapse. I’m at under a week for my streak currently, and I’ve experienced this before. Doing my best to stay strong, but does anyone have some wisdom on this? Thanks

I’m not sure If I’ve experienced the shrinking but what I experienced after the first week was loss of libido and no natural erections, I’m in my first month without pmo and I’m already having natural and very solid erections only a few but makes me feel like I’m regaining that so don’t give up and you will be regaining your power.


In my case i noticed the same, the first 7 days, like size loss but now in my 13 day its hard every morning. Each case is different.

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It’s called the flat line and it is normal. How long it takes to get through it depends on the level of your addiction and it is totally related to your brain neurochemicals being rebalanced.

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It’s probably due to blood flow. Shouldn’t be a reason to relapse though… Things will better up with time

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