Anyone please help me

I have only one request for now.

I just want to stop watching porn and masturbating :frowning:

I’ve been taking nofap for more than 9 months but there’s no change, even 7 days I can’t

now i’m very stressed


Hello brother.
First of all, relax. Everything has a process. Don’t be stressed. this is addiction, so it Will take time to go away.
Then, please read this book below.

When you read the book above, please have some support system, at least be active in this app.
Then, after you read and apply the book entirely but still failed to reach 7 days. Feel free to contact me. insyaAllah I Will try to help you.


Whenever you say this just realise that there are also people who got through more of a hell, for now as a help I would suggest to read that book “Easy Peasy” that helps :relieved::relieved::relieved:


May I know what exactly happens a second before you relapse? Dont tell me the heavy urges and all but tell me what happens in your mind, exact thoughts and such…


Try playing game like minecraft survival mode. Pubg. Call of duty. Clash of clans. Fortnite. Because when you play games especially intense and survival game you have to focus on game and when you focusing on game you can’t think about porn and all that’s stuff at least games wotk for me and yeah don’t get addiction of game play games only when you feel urge and after that’s listen some happy song and talk to your friends

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Ask yourself “Why you want to stop it” and it will go away forever


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