Anyone over 30 here?

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Why I want a companion - Made poor decisions in my teens which led to even worse decisions in my 20s. Still a virgin because of being a religion nut before. Slowly rebuilding my life by studying hard for a professional qualification while working a dead end job. Hard to do NoFap when life is so effed up and I’m having to deal with stress as well as the reboot.
I’m planning to do a 180 day monk mode and would love to have some support on this journey.


All the best. Dream high and work for it. Straight…right at the target.


I’m on 50 days streak

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@MonkeyMind31 I am not over 30 but will turning 29 soon. Still a virgin

Can relate to a lot that you have mentioned here.

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Do you guys ever feel that we are already late ?


There is no late or early brother.,as per my beliefs. Finding yourself takes time. Even sometims someone finds early stages awareness and self control.Then believe that they are lucky and they can be a good start towards life.but that doesn’t mean life is smooth for them either. We all do mistakes, we struggle,fight and learn and life goes on. I am also not over 30 but turning to be 29 this august.In the past number of stories where people found themselves and started a new journey of life at the late. Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile: @_KarmaYogi


I am not 30 but turning to be 29 in this yr. Feel free to add me. My sharing code: 0ow5v1


Hi, im 34 and im at day 234. Never is late :weight_lifting_man::fire:


Thanks for replying dude !! No I don’t think we’re late. I made some stupid decisions in my 20s that kept me a virgin (technically) and I’ve just started rebuilding my life since the age of 28. Survived a STD scare at 25 and did’nt get tested till 2 years later. If you’re not having casual hookups you’re definitely not missing anything great. I mean it would be awesome but not as great as a loving partner. As for relationships, I think we’ve got to go out there and find someone. It takes time and hardwork to build up confidence in oneself. I’ve had a few people message me on forums.Nofap and reddit telling me how they finally got a relationships or got laid at 32, 34 and even 40 !! So, take this time to reinvent yourself.

The reason I created this post was so that people like us can share our troubles, tribulations and trials on this journey and be supportive of each other.

I would have preferred to post this on forums.nofap where there are more people like us who’ve been successful but unfortunately it doesn’t have an app.


I am over 40. I have realized that I have PMO addiction 8 months ago. The same time I realized I have internet addiction, binge viewing of digital garbage content. My goal is not to do PMO and stop polluting my mind with digital garbage content - until end of my life.

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Hows it going folks ?

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I am doing great. I am lucky to spend time with family. How are you doing? @MonkeyMind31


nice to know you’re doing well !!

I’m doing ok I guess. It’s hard work dealing with regrets and also working on myself to become a better me. Nofap on monk mode seems like just the tip of the iceberg !!

I’m just waiting to cross 30 days and hopefully be able to be an inspiration to others !!


I am 36 and PMO addict. What makes it even worse is that I am married and it is affecting my relationship.

I have developed ED due to excessive fapping and I also do not climax during sex.

I am here to revive myself and rekindle my relationship by not having any sort of PMO activities individually.


First thing first. You’ve got to go monk mode for 90 days minimum. Ask your wife if she is willing to help because you’re not just rebooting but rewiring your brain to get stimulated by a real woman. I’m compiling a list of success stories from reddit and forums.nofap and will be posting it in a few days.
Till then here is a list of daily habits that should be part of your 90 day reboot.

  1. Exercise daily. I’ve downloaded the 30 day fit app from the appstore and I’d suggest you to give it a try. I normally try and fit it during the evenings because of my busy schedule.

  2. Go for a light run (30 minute minimum in the morning) or you could do cardio at home if possible but better to get that vitamin d from the morning sunshine !!

  3. If possible join a yoga class. I do my practice after the run. You’d be able to see a marked difference within 30 days of committed practice.

  4. MEDITATE !! I’ve downloaded headspace and purchased the full version. Definitely worth the money and I try to get in a 5 minute meditation every 2 hours by plugging in my earphones if I’m in office.

  5. If you’re Indian, buy zincovit or becosules zinc from your local chemist and have one tablet every day, half an hour after a light breakfast. I also have a tablet of ashwagandha twice a day. Takes almost a month to show results.

  6. Cut out tea, coffee and other stimulants. I now only have green tea and my stomach feels greater than before !!

  7. Reduce dinner to the bare minimum and have it at least 3 hours before bedtime. Avoid screen time before bed and you’ll have a great sleep at night !! Try for minimum of 6 hours and wake up before the sunrise and you’ll see a great improvement in your testosterone levels.

Thats all I can suggest. Hopefully all of us here can finish our 90 day monk mode successfully !!


@MonkeyMind31 thanks for the detailed post. I will try my best to cross 90 days this time and won’t disappoint you. Let’s commit and stay true to ourselves. If anyone interested please feel free to add me.


I am 33… Still virgin… While i don’t feel to lose anything big or significant… However i need to be in control and get rid of the habit to get success in my goals

We have a life and we have to live it happily as it comes… We can improve and make it beautiful

Nature or any habit takes time to change and it will be slow but steady… We have to be persistent and put efforts despite pushbacks and hurdles

Keep the spirit up guys for next 90 days :+1::+1: my code is t21jgl


I strongly agree with you. Let’s commit ourselves for 90 days and prove that we can be stronger than ever. I hope you find the strength and fight back :muscle:
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@wall-e thanks bro… I hope we do well… We are humans… The most dangerous species on earth… We command the earth if we command ourselves first…

Let’s make each other accountable… Keep a tab on each other… And help each other :heart::heart:


sure. let’s gets started. :muscle:

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