Anyone here reading hanuman chalisa to give strength

Hi everyone

I just wanted to know if anyone of you is reading or had read hanuman chalisa on dialy basis to give strength and courage to encounter this awful addiction.

P.S. I’m not stirring any religious conflicts,I just wanted to know what r the benefits of reading hanuman chalisa

Thanks :blush:


Well i don’t read hanuman chalisa on daily basis but ,it’s Very good i literally suggest you to read on Tuesday and Saturday bc these two day are considered as lord Hanuman day’s, it’s give peace inside your body :)) not on daily basis

Yeah I read it daily before sleeping . Hanuman is the god of Kaliyuga . He is the only one left on Earth for our welfare.he can help you very much on your journey . Do chalisa daily and with heart . And soon enough Hanuman hi will respond .
All the best


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