Anyone find it easier when fasting?

I’m fasting for Lent and find some of my desires are a little less pronounced. Is this because of the lack of food or just a coincidence? Have any of you guys experienced this? Also, is it worse once you break your fast?


It could be flatline - period of low/no urges.

It’s pretty early in the game for that though. How long is the initial reboot again? Where the withdrawal may be the most difficult? Isn’t it usually in the first 2 weeks?

Fasting totally can help, You’re more relaxed and centred and chill so desires are easy to observe and detach from. You might be a little vulnerable coming off a fast too quickly so ease back off it when you do.

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Sperms are made from food we eat.
Reduce the food and lesser are the urges.
Its a fact.

I like to incorporate intermittent fasting, try it out guys, it can further reduce the time spend doing things like eating and cooking. Plus, it’s good for cutting too if u r out of shape

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What do you mean “too quickly”? My fast will end up being 46 days, and I was intending to feast afterwards. Are you saying that I’ll be more tempted after that once I start eating again?

I’m not quite sure that’s how science works…


Oh please be careful it’s very very bad for your body to come off a fast quickly. The most dangerous thing you can do is eat a whole load to break a long fast, not to fast, ironically :sweat_smile: Eat maybe an apple over the course of an hour then wait a day the next day have a vegetable soup over an hour and build it up like that. Very hazardous to have a feast to break, I’m just saying this out of concern and experience, be careful!

Going off a fast can leave you a bit more vulnerable to fap for those few days. For a lot of small reasons that aren’t worth mentioning but sum up to a noticeable urge for me personally. If you’re not a v sensitive person you might not notice any difference so its almost not worth mentioning. Just wanted to share whatever bits of Info I knew of :smiling_face:

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That’s very helpful, thanks for your insights!