Anyone else having the same problem?


Ever since I relapsed again I just cannot go 1 day without viewing and fapping. The more I go the less I can feel myself just not caring. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing and what got you back on course again?

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Try to break the habbit,first it’s very difficult but as the days go by it’s easy, try to distract ur self from the urge even five mins will do to forget the feeling and stay cool


During initial stage it’s very difficult to go further. Things you need to do is

  1. Just keep yourself busy in activities for at least 3 days, just don’t be leisure at any point of time.

  2. Make up your mind that your going nofap for 7 days at least , given you’ll not watch anything explicit.

  3. When you are feeling urges do something you love, well of course not tapping, but something like engaging yourself in a funny chat with your best friend, or talk to someone, either virtual or in person. Watch any your personalised YouTube video which make you laugh, watch a movie or series or read a book. Or one of the best thing is working out with your music on. And mediation works like charm if your into it. … Just do anything for fucks sake, just make your mind to push yourself a little bit , let that urge slip. Don’t focus on the urges, I know you’ll be frustrated , but success ain’t easy brother.

  4. Point three is really important if you did completed point 3 your are good to go man. I see you have the potential to do a 30days and even a 90 days. I believe in you brother. Keep tracking no. of day.

Do share your companion code brother.
Mine is 488n2z
Current streak 65
Longest streak 65
Peace out :v:


I relapsed after 87 days and since one year I have been trying to reach the goal again.Keep yourself busy and dont touch your tool as when you get the urge it is unconttollable if you touch it. Avoid all kind of provoking pics and videos have some good hobbies


@Sensh1nSeeker fapping screws with your motivation. It’s helpful to use logic in this case knowing that your feelings will deceive you.

  1. Cut off fantasies and mediation on it. The less you think about it the happier you’ll be.
  2. Get out and do some physical activity. It will help you think differently.

If you can’t go 1 day without fapping you are stuck in the chaser effect. This causes relapses almost every day. Be patient with your body and the chaser effect will pass.

Hoping something here helps you.


Those 2 points are spot on @copper_bronze.
Especially “The less you think about it the happier you’ll be”

@Sensh1nSeeker - You are still here on the NoPMO journey. So perhaps not caring could actually be a blessing in disguise.

Wishing you wisdom, as I need it very much too.


This post has helped. 23 years of porn the longest I have done is two weeks. Today is day three after relapse. The chaser effect is the biggest set back.

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I had faced it. My longest streak was 87 days almost 1 year back md after that I could not reach even near of it
But I am still trying with leasser target like 1 month


Thank you all for your help!