Anyone down for a short challenge? (3days lol)

I really like the challenges/group accountability stuff. But I keep seeing all these crazy numbers like 30days, 3months, even a whole year wtf.
—that can be inspirational but as a guy who struggles to string together a couple weeks, it seems unachievable if I’m being real.

So! Looking for similar dudes who wanna take me on for a 3 day challenge. That’s it. Preferably guys who aren’t on some ridiculous streak either haha (I’m on 2days right now)
Anyone game?

Sharing code - pilsny
Highest streak - 27days
Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - south Florida, USA


Iam ready for your challenge brother @chady025
My sharing code is 6z67xj.My country is india and iam 18years old.


Im in.

Sharing code - z9xlsc
Highest streak - 2 weeks (prior to joining this group)
Age - 31
Gender - M
Location - Missouri, USA

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So the challenge is on for 3days.All the best brother.The victory will be ours

Its 6pm here (GMT -4), so we’ll go till that time 3days from now: 6pm Thursday 30th.
(Just calculate whatever time that’ll be for you guys).

@josephvt you should be on 19days by then.
@kjschnei1 like me, you’ll be on 5days.

Game On boys :muscle:

Good luck guys. We can do this!

Oh, and feel free to post here anything that you feel may be helpful. Or just to share more about yourself and what’s working for you rn.

Almost 6 hours down. Only 66 left to go LOL

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Ok brother win together. Kill porn .

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Count me in.
My code is vsag2k

Good morning brothers! Went for a jog before work this morning. First time I’ve done that since i was a teenager, and it was helpful to clear my mind and focus on my goals.

I have faith in you guys, and a renewed faith in myself. Just focus on how good you’ll feel 3 days from now, a week from now, 3 weeks, a month… it can be done. Don’t give in or give up!

Off course everyone is trying harder brother jogging is a good form of some meditation also for fast recovery

Add me please. daaf29.

Welcome @dant1234 and @babi

When i was working through quitting tobacco, I learned about the rule of 3. 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. Those are the important milestones to be aware of when temptations might be stronger than normal.

Thank you for accepting my request

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Just checking in on everyone. Keep up the good work. We can do this!

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How’s everyone doing?

@kjschnei1 I havent done a morning jog in ages! Glad to hear about it. I may take up an evening jog when its nice and cool out.

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@dant1234 glad to have you onboard mate.
Wanna share a bit about yourself?
-where’re you from, age, short-term life goals, etc.

@babi broo wow you have had mad crazy streaks!
What was that like?!??

It’s both inspiring and simultaneously eye-opening to see that kind of stats.
Feel free to share anything from your experience that you think may benefit us as a collective