Anybody experienced these

I got a call from unknown number on watsap and i attended the call, it was a girl who was doing shit on camera and I asked her who is it? and can I see your face, but she didn’t and she was asking me to show my penis to show her face, but I showed my trouser and she said she wants to see my penis
Then I told I am not interested in these and I cut the call, after some time she send me a video of our video call by edited that some body is masturbating on that with my face, after I get to know that she is black mailing and asking to send money on her account otherwise she is going to post and make it viral, I told her get lost and immediately block her number, what do you guys think about these problem? Anybody experience these


I never experienced as such till today @michu123 I think either your phone number someone has given / you used in some pornography websites. I think you already identified it’s a fraud call. So ignore and move on. what’s the real question here? Be brave and bold man.


Because of guilty I relapsed last time, Now I am on 8th day


Okay. Keep going. Don’t look back. You are already strong :muscle:


Never attend WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers … It happened with me also but I didn’t pickup the call . These type of scammer people are scoundrels


Ah Shit Bro…I would say leave her blocked and don’t care about it. Hopefully nothing happens. And if so you can explain



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Once something like this happened with me also. I think it is because you visited some fraudulent p*rn website which anyhow found out your phone number and tried to blackmail you.
What happened with me was that I got messages on my WhatsApp from and unknown number. He sent me few erotic videos (completely nudes). I immediately deleted the messages and blocked him. It happened with me around one year ago. Till now I got no messages form that number so don’t worry. They were just throwing a trap for you so that you get caught into it and they can use you. You did the right thing. Be strong brother​:muscle:. We all are always with you.:sparkling_heart: All the best for future.


Thank you all for the reply :heart_eyes:
Be strong everyone


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