Anybody else faced these symptoms - POLL -

  • Twitching of muscles
  • Frequent urination
  • Lower back pain
  • Tinnitus (ringing of ears)
  • Diarrhea when consuming dairy products ( but had no problem before PMO habit)

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I had all these issues which i only found once i read 6 years clean rebooting ( book by soaring eagle . You can find it in Google just search 6 years clean ). So wondering if anyone else also faced any of these . Thank you


I get constipated instead. And also I feel weakness.


Sometimes especially when I’m not doing no fap my hands shake randomly when I talk to people but it’s usually gone by day 4 to 5

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Ok so somekind of nervous response which is out of our control . I was unable to stop my twitch which was net the left knee

Yeah so something related to spleen unable to do its job . That’s what the core problem is with this issue

I have twitching of muscles which is troubling me a lot.Did you also had it.After how many days does it disappear?

With me it stopped after a month but this is different for everybody . Also I would recommend that you do some light excercise and try to sleep early and for atleast 6 hours .
This did reappear while nofap but only for a short while.

Do you guys experience frequent urination? Because I do

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Of course bro. Fap just weakens bladder function

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Do you know what can be done to reduce the frequency or say strengthen the bladder other than no PMO

Not really sure but I tried to do cycling, workouts/gym and consume more vegetables.

Calf muscles pain terribly for almost 2-3 days.

My hands shake very badly during long streaks and also when I am fapping regularly.